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Latest blood test - any advice?

Ferritin - 40ug/L range 15-150ug/L slightly lower than before.

Folates 4.7ug/L range 4.6-18.7ug/L slightly lower than before.

Vit B12 310ng/L range 191-663ng/L slight raise.

TSH 7.01mlU/L range 0.3-3.94mlU/L down from 10.23mlU/L

fT4 12.2pmol/L range 12.3-20.2 up from 10.1pmol/L

Vitamin D 26nmol/L range 25-50nmol/L = insufficient. Secondary hyperparathyroidism likely.

I have not taken iron supplements but was taking vitB complex containing 500ug B12 and 400ug folic acid have been taking them on and off for years. Also had been taking Vit D at 4000iu per day for 7 weeks before the test. So a bit disappointed with those results.

Any advice please?

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You obviously know that nearly all these results are very low - from your ferritin to your VitD, and your TSH is to high although it is slowly coming down - with results like this you must be feeling absolutely awful.

Are you having investigations into hyperparathyroidism? and are you getting your GP's guidance with your VitD levels and supplements? Have you got an calcium results that you can post?

Moggie x


Sorry didn't reply in the right place. See post below. I have now calcium results having checked all my blood tests. Doctor, although good maintains the ferritin, Folates and B12 is "in normal range. It's fine".

I know everything apart from TSH needs to be far higher.

I so hope I start to improve soon.


Hi Moggie

I am not having any investigation for hyperparathyroidism, however, my previous doctor surgery, I have moved in the last year, had me on Depo provera for 14 years then took me off in a panic saying I should have only had it for 2 years safely. I had a full blood countil in January so will dig out the results and see if I have anything about calcium levels.

Before this test I had been taking 4000iu of vit D a day and have now increased to 6000iu.

I was also taking high dose vit B12 and folic acid and B12 slightly raised and Folates and ferritin dropped.Feel a bit brighter than I did but still tired and some days cannot walk due to joint pain. Levo dose just raised to 75mg. Also find I lose the tread half way through the conversation when I am speaking to people.


So was it the lab that indicated "possible hyperparathyroidism". Has your GP done a parathyroid test?

Are you taking any iron supplements as your ferritin levels should be closer to 90 that the current 40, which could be causing your tiredness as could your low VitD, although your GP seems to be on top of this.

Your TSH and FT4 are slowly improving but I don't think you will start to feel anywhere near normal until your TSH is under one and your FT4 is near the top of the range, lets hope that this wont take to long.

Has your GP said anything about your joint pain and if so what.

Moggie x


It seemed the hyperparathyroidism was given in the ranges from the lab. My GP has mentioned nothing of the hyperparathyroidism. My doctor has been told several times about my length of time on Depo and seems inert on this.

I am self dosing my vit B12 and vit D - she says they cannot prescribe as I am in normal levels and she knows I am self dosing. So my GP is not on top of it.

I am wary of self dosing iron as I know toxicity is easy with the wrong dose. Maybe someone can advise?

The joint pain she seemed to think was Hypo this time. initially she said it was osteo or rheumatoid arthritis and so gave painkillers. They didn't work. Some days I just cannot walk and in dreadful pain. Others, I am fine.

I do have mild osteoarthritis of the left knee which I injured last year.

It is also prudent to fill in that I have been a full time Carer for my mother for the last 11 years and under terrible stress. It now transpires even though I was given the result of "normal" by my previous surgery, my thyroid results were very borderline in 2006 and again in 2009; so much so that the lab ranges here would have had me as Hypo since 2006. My doctor has seen this and was very shocked.

The surgery are going to search the manual records for any other thyroid results which may show either normal or abnormal levels.

My current doctor is leaving the practice in August after my next bloods. I had seen another doctor there who actually gave me the initial results. She was terribly rude and refused to answer questions as "you can only discuss one ailment per appointment", and refused point blank to send me to an Endo "because all that will happen is I will get a letter ticking me off for not treating this myself, and I don't want that".

All doctors at the surgery refuse a fT3 test saying they cannot do it only an Endo can, but no-one will send me to one.

I am on benefits and cannot afford anything privately, just before someone suggests it.

Sorry this is a long winded reply.


Sorry to have taken so long to reply - have been drafting a really tricky letter to my own endo all day.

Ask you surgery about a private FT3 test - they can and will do them and they can cost as little at £6. I know you shouldn't have to pay but if it is a means to an end then it might be worth it.

It is only dangerous to supplements iron when you haven't had a test but your test clearly shows you are in need of it. Why don't you ask a separate question regarding iron and include your iron results on that question so that people can comment.

Your GP really should be supplementing your VitD with levels so low but lots of people on here have the same trouble - I think its all a cost cutting exercise.

With a TSH of 7 I wouldn't be able to look after myself let alone an elderly relative as well, you must be feeling really exhausted.

Try and go back to the nice GP before he leaves and ask again for a referral, stating that you are feeling no better and would like the input of a specialist.

Sorry I cant be of more help.

Moggie x


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