Mixed blood results

I had bloods done at the beginning of the month but before posting them I was waiting for my vitamin result. The dr did a full blood count and only a couple were out of range

creatinine 36 / 44 - 80

don't know what that means.

alkaline phosphatase 155 / 30 - 130

am going for a liver scan for that. Just waiting.

calcium 2.30 / 2.10 - 2.55

c. corrected 2.32 same range

iron 15 / 5 - 28

ferritin 79 / 13 - 150

transferrin 2.49 / 2.00 - 4.00

% satn transferrin 24 / 22 - 55

b12 595 / 200 - 940

folate 16.9 / 3.1- 17.5

total 25 oh vit d 46 nmo1/L no range

I did check with the vit d council which is American and transferring the nmol to the other "thingy" I read my 46 nmol as 18 which makes me deficient, I think. If someone could reply, I would appreciate it very much.

Jo xx

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  • If you workings out are correct and you are VitD deficient plus have a wonky liver result I would be asking your GP for a parathyroid test, as this being an issue can cause both. It can also effect calcium levels but not always as I have found to my cost. I have a VitD problem and my ALP liver result is high and putting these with a high parathyroid level speaks for itself but because my calcium levels are top of the "normal" range its a " wait and see" situation.

    This might be of use and then again it might not but the more info you have the more of an informed decision you will be able to make as to where you go from here.

    Have a look at this link regarding lab tests and what they mean to see if you can make sense of the tests that are out of range.


    Moggie x

  • I really know nothing about the parathyroids but will certainly go back to my dr and mention it. Thanks

    Jo xx

  • That's the answer I was hoping for - there is no harm in asking, it will probably be negative but at least that's one possible cause ticked off the list.

    I did but "creatinine" in the lab link I gave you and it come up with something to do with the kidneys. The parathyroid can also reek havoc with the kidneys which is why I suggested it.

    Hope more people come on soon with some more suggestions.

    Moggie x

  • Oh, you're not doing too badly. Can you tell me if the parathyroid glands are near the thyroid and voicebox, cause 2 or 3 years ago I had an operation for a nodule on my voicebox, which helped with my hoarse gruff voice. But could damage have been done. Cheers

    Jo xx

  • As you will know the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland and your four parathyroid's sit on/near either "wing" of the gland. Very interesting that you say you had an op a few years ago on this area, could well be connected couldn't it.

    Here is a link for "stop the thyroid madness" which I found to one of the most useful sites whilst doing my research.


    Anything else you want to know just shout - I'm no expert but I don't mind sharing what limited knowledge I have gained over the last couple of months.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you very much. I will have a look at that site

    Jo xx

  • Hi Moggie I have just had a quick read of the main page and going by my calcium results calcium 2.30 and corrected calcium 2.32 there doesn't seem to be too much there. Maybe there is room for some vit D and calcium supplement, but I don't know how quick the calcium would rise. Do you? Justabout for got the ranges

    2.10 - 2.55

    Jo xx

  • That's the thing - my calcium has always been in range, although right at the top of the range, and because of this my endo is "waiting and watching" but both my parathyroid levels and vitD levels are totally wrong. I have joined a parathyroid site and on doing quite a bit of reading the calcium levels being in range is why most people are not being diagnosed until quite late on in the illness, which by then has caused sever bone loss - yet another useless set of tests that GP's and endo's are basing their diagnosis on as far as I can see but, like thyroid illness, one size does not fit all and people are slipping through the net.

    Ask your GP for the test anyway and see what comes back - if your parathyroid level is elevated we can chat again.

    Good luck with it.

    Moggie x

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