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Can anyone interpritate results

I have received a letter from my G.P. detailing results but they might have been written in a foreign language and he has not explained anything to me, just got a follow up appointment in 6 mths.

Can anybody explain following :-

TSH8.24mU/L fT4 9.7pmol/L

Vitamin D 21nmol/L Calcium 2.25mnol/L adjusted, PTH 2.8pmol/l

Cortisol 308nmol/L

LH 29 IU/L, FSH 50 IU/L Prolactin 229mU/L

What does U/L and TSH mean.

As usual I have started feeling restless, depressed, agitated all mixed emotions. It just seems such a long journey when all these feelings start to crowd in on me.

6 mths seems such a long time to wait.


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This is saying that your TSH is at 8.24 milli-Units per Litre of blood. That is well over reference range. TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. The higher it is, the more hypothyroid you are.

fT4 9.7pmol/L

Your Free T4 level is 9.7 picomoles per Litre of blood.

I cannot tell you where that is because there is no reference range. (The reference range for FT4 varies widely but for TSH it is less variable.)

Vitamin D 21nmol/L

You vitamin D level is 29 nanmoles per Litre of blood. Usually they say something like this:

If it is less than 25 then you are deficient.

If it is between 25 and 50 then you simply have insufficient.

If it is over 50 you probably have sufficient.

(There is disagreement with some people suggesting this should be 75.)

IU stands for "International Unit". But sometimes they just use the term "Unit".

You might find this document of some use:

In summary - you are hypothyroid. You do not have enough thyroid hormone.

An appointment in SIX MONTHS is totally wrong. Six weeks after your last change to levothyroxine dose and then expect an increase. Repeat until the numbers are sensible.





At least I'm getting it clearer in my head that I am right and the Doctors have been wrong about my diagnois.

I have just got to find a way of getting the correct treatment.


thanks rod you always make things so much easier to understand. this info helps me also.


yep for starters Vit D deficient at 21

TSH 8.24 - should be under 1 to feel better - (glad you've been given SOME treatment 'tho)

6 months? arg! lazy doc - see another! J :D x


Ask your GP for a referral to an Endocrinologist as he appears completely out of his depth treating thyroid gland problems. You want to improve your health, not damage it.

If you email for a list of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors. She is on holiday so may not reply straight away.


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