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Can anyone explain these test results?

My latest (16 March) NHS blood test results are confusing when compared with recent, previous ones where the trend seemed to be heading in the right direction (and confirming a euthyroid indication just 2 months ago on this forum). Can anyone please explain the new results below?. Ive also shown previous ones, for reference.

TSH; 0.08 miu/L (0.3 - 5); previously 1.46, 1.15, 1.96, 0.96 (in order up to latest results)

FT4: 7.9 pmol/L (10 - 18.7); previously 10.7, 11.5, 14.4

FT3: 3.7 pmol/L (2.5- 5.5); previously 4.4 (for range 3.1-6.8, so similar)

FSH 5.6 iu/L (1.6 – 18); previously 3.7

LH 2.7 iu/L (2 – 18); previously 3.2

Prolactin 49 miu/L (45-440); previously 112

Vit D: 86 nmol/L (50 - 250); previously 18, 78

Besides clarification of the results, I would also greatly appreciate any views on:

(i) The potential that my 17-day juice fast (including raw kale which I know is a goitregen) mid-end January affected the results. Should I retest in June? I fasted to try to help my gut/candida/digestion problems which remain or have worsened.

(ii) The potential that relatively gentle exercise a few days before the test affected the results. I had previously avoided exercise as it made me feel worse and I now face having to stop again.

(iii) I am following the guidance of others who recoverered from the prescription drug-induced syndrome which initiated my symptoms and theirs. So, to try to correct my low thyroid results, I plan to use pine pollen herbs and maybe iodoral supplement i.e. 5mg iodine, This seems to have worked for at least some of them but any views appreciated.

Note Ive never been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder but a prescription drug initiated my symptoms - presumably caused by adversely affecting the pituitary gland. Further details in my background on this forum.

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If the kale had made you Hypo in January, you would be over it by now - goitrogens don't do permanent damage - and your results would be euthyroid.They aren't. Your TSH is low, but so are your Frees. Which is what we call central hypo, where the problem is not with the thyroid gland itself, but the pituitary, or the hypothalamus.

That being the case, how do you think iodine is going to help? The pituitary and the hypothalamus don't need iodine. And the thyroid gland only needs a certain amount to make thyroid hormone. Any excess can be damaging. And, as you aren't making much in the way of thyroid hormones at the moment, the gland probably has more iodine than it knows what to do with. Iodine is a very bad idea.

And I really cannot see how pollen and herbs are going to help your pituitary or hypothalamus. Pollen and herbs cannot replace hormones. And, what you need at the moment is some thyroid hormone replacement. What do your doctors say about your results? If I were you, I would suggest to them that they have a look at your pituitary and hypothalamus to see just what's going on.

You should only be doing gentle walking, swimming or yoga with an FT3 that low, because with that low FT4, you will have trouble replacing it. :)

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mmm.. Your results are a bit similar to mine I havent been diagnosed either as my tsh is fairly normal but I have a low t4 and t3. I was put on lupron injections 5 years ago and I have been struggling ever since. Looks like my pituatry gland was damaged by the lupron as it shuts down hormone production. I take 300mcg iodine per day and 200mcg selenium as i have a deficiency of both as I dont eat seafood at all. They have helped my TSH go from 4.1 to 2.6 but I dont feel much better as my ft4 and ft3 are below half way in range. I am converting like mad at ratio of 3:1 so I presume the selenium is helping with that but Im just not producing enough t4. I have been trying for 4 years to fix it myself. Have tried all sorts of suppliments, fixed my vit d, ferritin, folate and b12 and still i cant fix the low t4 and t3. Its like my thyroid isnt being pushed hard enough. Ive now ordered some levo from Greece and I am going to give in and try it because all the research and natural aproach just isnt working and Im exhasted and miserable. No doctor will help as they say Im normal. Ive gone private, even to Harley Street and got nowhere. So waiting for the postman to arrive so I can commence the next experiment xx


I'm grateful for the 2 responses but also remain confused as one stated iodine be avoided, the other not. An iodine blood test in December (reported in earlier posts with others) indicated I'm low (4.6 with a range min of 4) though I wasn't technically deficient. In order to try something, I stopped my low (150mcg) dosage of iodine/kelp a few days ago but, other than that, I've done nothing.

My GP has not even contacted me (I found the results online via Patient Access) so I assume he thinks all OK. Whilst disappointing, Id be reluctant to take any prescribed drug from him as that takes me back down the route to where this started.

All 3 of us in this thread agree that pituitary damage is likely. The issue is how this is corrected eg herbs or medicines.

I've radically altered my diet to essentially paleo and take various supplements. The 3rd part of my protocol is exercise but that appears difficult now?

Any further advice appreciated. Help!


contact your GP - your T4 is too low ... you may need a low dose of Levo but not taking it if you need it wont do you any good either ! good luck


I take iodine/kelp because I know im defficient and ive had my antibodies tested i know i dont have hashimotos. Its said taking iodine with hashi's is like throwing fuel on the fire! I find if I dont take my kelp and selenium I get horrible headaches. The thing I will say if youre taking kelp make sure u take selenium as taking it without can be harmful. It will also help you convert t4 to t3. If its a pituitry problem no amount of herbs and suppliments will help. Believe me I have been there. I spend too much of my time reading and researching. Im even doing an advanced nutrition course trying to work out how to fix me. Ive had almost 5 years of misery determined i could fix it naturally. The only road i havent taken is amino acids always wondered am I not eating enough protein? I was also told i am deficient in phlenylanelin, not how u spell it im sure. This could be important as this is how tyrosine is made in the body its converted from phlenylanelin? Ive been eating loads of cheese etc but all im getting is fatter! Tyrosine and iodine converts to t4 but to be honest im just so fed up of it all. I am 3 stone heavier and feel terrible cant be bothered with it all so have purchased the levo to try next. I was so scared to go down the drug route but have decided i may be doing more harm continuing on low t4 and t3 so i am going to try it. My sister has been on 150mcg levo for 14 years and at least she is now slim and fit Im just miserable being fat! Xx


Your case and magsyh's are not the same. I doubt she has a pituitary/hypothalamus problem because her TSH went up to 4.1. Yours has never been that high, and wouldn't go that high with a pituitary/hypothalamus problem.

No-one is suggesting that you take another drug - perish the thought! - what you need are thyroid hormones - hormones not drugs. For the most part, thyroid hormone replacement is the only viable treatment. So, not herbs, not medicines, hormones. Totally different.

If your thyroid gland is not getting the message - TSH - to make more hormone, all the iodine in the world is not going to make it make hormone. Iodine is only half the ingredients of thyroid hormone, it isn't some magic elixir that makes inactive thyroids suddenly become active. It doesn't work like that.


Greygoose, thanks for your replies. My approach/strategy so far has been to:

(i) Deal with cause rather than effect - ideally naturally. Regarding healing the pituitary, please note This includes many of the herbs that I have or have ordered. I realise that the medical approach for the pituitary is to manage the effect by increasing thyroid hormone.

(ii) Follow as closely as possible a protocol established by others that have suffered (and recovered) from the same cause and symptoms as myself. This includes thyroid dysfunction but also various other symptoms - as listed in my introductory post on this forum.

(iii) Seek to correct gut problems that I have. Re thyroid, it appears that gut can cause thyroid problems or vice versa.

Do you have any comments on the viability of this approach?

If I do need to consider thyroid hormone replacement, hopefully it can be herbal eg from companies such as Cytoplan, and/or will only be temporary - see Any views on that?

Many thanks


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