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I've been feeling well below par for a number of years with symptoms of underactive thyroid. I have had a couple of tests at the GP in the past (last about 6 years ago) but have just taken a test with medicheck. They are all in the normal range but I just wanted to run them by knowledgeable people here just to be on the safe side! From studying other people's results I think my TSH looks pretty normal but I'm not sure if the other results are on the low side or not.


FREE THYROXINE 15.35 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 86.7 nmol/L 59.00 - 154.00

FREE T3 4.32 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80

Thyroid Antibodies

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY 18.720 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00



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  • I would be inclined to look at the FERRITIN - FOLATE - B12 - VITD testing and supplement if needed to improve thyroid levels. Come back here with results for advice - in a new Post so more people see it :-)

  • Thanks - wish I'd done the test that included them now! :)

  • Your free T4 could do with going up a little, around 17/18/19. Your T4 should be midway through the range or slightly higher.

    Your T3 could do with being around 6, which is in the top quarter of the range.

    TSH ideally should be below 1.

    The above are all optimal results that you should aim for. Personally I think your meds could do with tweaking up slightly.

    As already advised, your ferritin, B12 and D3 are all very important to get checked, as being low in any of them will cause their own set of symptoms.

    Also, if you don't have enough iron your body can't utilise the Levothyroxine properly 😊

  • I haven't actually been diagnosed so not taking any medication

  • Oh right! Like Marz said then, get your vitamins checked and maybe take a thyroid support supplement

  • Is this something I can get done at the GP or do I need another private test?

  • No, your GP can rescuers all the tests marz mentioned above 😊

  • No, don't take a thyroid support supplement. For 'support' read 'stimulate'. They won't do you any good and might actually do harm by containing things you really don't want to take. Avoid all types of multi-vits.

  • I won't be taking anything. Think I probably need a trip to the GP next for the vitamin/iron tests.

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