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Just wondering... How long does it usually take for BH to process a specimen of blood normally? We sent a sample on Wednesday, so it should have arrived Thursday morning but we've had no results yet (it was for FT3, FT4 and TSH). I thought it was a 24hr turnaround with results by email? We've tried phoning but no reply and received no reply to the email we sent either. Is this normal?

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  • Took about a week and I had to chase them as they were waiting for RT3 which takes ages

  • I tested on a Monday and the results came on Wednesday.

  • Hi Lilly

    Paul from BH is a member on here - you could drop him a message:



  • Thanks Louise - I won't pester him over a weekend but if we've had no reply by Monday I will try PMing.

  • Hi No it is not. I use them roughly ever month for these precise tests. Normally I receive the results the day they receive the test, or the latest the next day. It may be the post???Normally I e mail Paul, returns answer in minutes mostly. Or I phone him, I think he has had a lot of new staff lately because I know some people have had a problem. It normally works superbly, I have used them for years.These tests vital for me and GP will not do them now. I also have BH vit D test sometimes., dearer at £55, but a much better test than the usual one,

    I hope that you sort it out and that it is not the dreadful post as I suspect.

    best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie - yes, it's occurred to us to that it might be the post rather than BH. Oh well. If we've heard nothing by Monday afternoon I s'pose we'll have to conclude the sample's lost. Not quite sure what to do if it is - it's a lot of money to pay for nothing??

  • Hi I would phone Paul first thing Monday, any way. I am sure he will be helpful, either way. He is very nice and is the MD.I have used it for years and have bloods done for thyroid between 2 and 6 weekly because of my heart, have for years, since my NHS stopped doing FT3.. This week I posted one on Tuesday, and had the results, lunch time on the Wednesday, because of the terrible post, I never send it later in the week than Wednesday or latest Thursday.early. You could just send him a PM. look on main site and pick out his name, Paul Harris.. I usually contact him at the company by e mail or his mobile.I hope that you are able to sort it out.

    Best wishes,


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