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Dear Angel Harley,

Thank you for considering using us for your pathology requirements. I just wanted to clarify as there is a difference in some of the private blood test services that we offer.

1. Order through

You are sent a Vacutainer which needs a nurse/phlebotomist etc to take the blood. You then pop the blood tube in an envelope and send to our Lab in London TDL Pathology.

2. Order through

You are sent a microtainer. You need to be brave (I'm not) and prick your finger. Same procedure with Envelope and Lab.

3. Order through

You are emailed a 'Pathology Passport' and then phone Spire to make an appointment. They take your blood and process it themselves.

No matter which option you choose, the results are always reviewed by our Doctor 1st and he will then comment on them if they are outside of the reference ranges.

If you need any further information I am in the office today catching up on paperwork so feel free to call on 0800 0988 751.

Paul Harris :-)

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  • Thanks Paul, I will bookmark this page for future reference.

  • Much of the information above (and some not there) is available on the main Thyroid UK website:


    If you go to the Thyroid UK page above and follow the links (e.g. to Blue Horizon details) you will see that there are significant discounts available AND Thyroid UK gains some benefit.



  • Hi, just wondering if the above choices include all tests, always thought that some could not be done by finger prick test, only blood draw.

  • Quite right - some tests do require a full blood draw.

    This page on the main Thyroid UK website:

    ... has links to both the full blood draw Blue Horizon tests and the finger-prick ones through their home blood tests arm. The range of tests available in finger prick form is limited. By following those links you will be able to see which tests are available.


  • Thanks for that Rod. I was hopeful that they could all be done by finger-prick tests - nice to dream.

  • Hi Paul,

    I would like to get some more tests done but would prefer to go to Nuffield Hospital in Taunton. I've so far filled in the Blue Spire form and would like to know if there's a discount code as I'm spending over £300. At spire the code is halfmedfees but can't find one for Nuffield.


  • angel,

    I think you need to send that to Paul - he probably won't see it here. (Though he is occasionally seen around.)

    You could try:


  • Hi Rod,

    I've managed to get hold of Paul via email.

    He's been amazing.

    Thank You for the info.


  • Very glad to hear it.


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