my letter from my endo to gp, this is crap!

my endo letter to my gp

I reviewed nichola today in surgical outpatients, as you know she has a right thyroid nodule which has been under surveillance for some years now, she has had a further ultrasound scan recently showing there is some increase in the size of the nodule, looking back over the three years, it is about double what it was but is still the maximum of 2cm, she declined to have a cytology done because she was feeling very anxious but unfortunately regretted this later.

she still has a lot of problems swallowing and we discussed whether a right thyroid lobectomy might help with these problems, I said that I think there is a good chance that the thyroid nodule may well be contributing but that it it difficult to tell for sure without actually removing it but this of course would mean a operation, an operation carries risks of having a scar and of having a hoarse voice which is rare but definite problem.

ms Watson is going to think about what she wants to do, she is quite anxious about having surgery in general, she will let me know.

she has a lot of other symptoms and I know she has had some investigation in the past. we talked about her thyroid as a cause for some of her problems but looking at several thyroid function tests that had been done, the tsh is always in normal range and t3 and t4 are aswell, I am not sure if you could defend putting her on thyroxeine with those levels and I have said to her today that I do not believe that her thyroid function is causing these problems and I thought it would be useful if she could be reviewed by my medical endocrine dr J, I believe she is going to arrange to see him privately.

Firstly id like to say my last tsh was 2.84 and he was only interested in my swallowing problem, also I wasn't told it had grown he told me it has been the same since day one, also he didn't seem to know that a trial of thyroxeine could at least shrink a nodule and he said he would refer me to this dr J not that id have to pay privately :( x

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  • Yet another example of "that work of fiction otherwise known as a doctor's letter"

  • its not good ay x

  • I would phone docters secretary and ask to speak to him tell him you are not happy and can not afford private consultation.If you are unable to speak to him leave a message with secretary and keep on phoning until you get an answer make a nuisance of yourselves then they get the message

    good luck xx

  • doubt if they will do anything he is only interested in the op, I have rang they are referring me to him now through the nhs x

  • Hi - I have edited the Dr's name out - is Dr J based in Bristol - if so it's my endo :D ? He works privately and in the NHS, so you could be referred to see him on the NHS. I have only seen him privately though. Although he has prescribed me Armour, to start with he didn't even want to prescribe me thyroxine, as although my TSH was 18.0, my ft3 and ft4 were in (the lower end of) the normal range. If it is the same doctor, my personal opinion is that I don't think it would be worth seeing him with your current results, as I think it is unlikely that he would prescribe thyroxind for you. It would be worth asking Louise for the list of sympathetic endos. xx

  • I have no hope then if he didn't help you with a tsh at 18.0 x

  • Other endos might be more suitable - He did prescribe me 50mcg of thyroxine but he told me it wouldn't help as my symptoms were all caused by anxiety. xx

  • which is probably what im likely to get told as I am from everyone so far :( x

  • ' :( Sorry it's so tricky xx

  • its not your fault, I will still go and educate him :D haha x

  • Hi nicola i know exactly what you are going through and it sounds like you are at the end of your tether. I found that if you keep on at these docters and consultants and like i said earlier make a nuisance of yourself something gets done. i am on my third year now and am still not right went to see endo in october last year and going back in july this year with another load of symptoms and am not leaving his office until he tells me what he is going to do. i know sometimes you dont feel like it but once you get help it,ll be worth it.Best Wishes xx

  • thanks, its crazy isn't it? knowing many years ago they treated the symptoms rather than the blood work, seems like the system is going backwards x

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