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I went for a consultation with my endo on 2nd Jan 2015 the usual questions were asked..she noted I had been in hospital for seven days with server bowls/stomach/throat probe admitted on 13 Nov...so it took me all my energy to go to this app..I did explain about my pain and I had a urne sample with me..I just wanted her to dip it to see if my pain was an infection because it felt like it was...she said we will send it off for testing...I tried from the 18 the DEC trying to obtain the results but my GP kept saying their was no results as yet I waited till after the holidays but still no results..I was in pain and urinating a lot over Xmas..I had an app with my Castro consultant on DEC 29th where he asked me if my uranary tract infection had been treated...I told him I had not even received any results on the urine test..he told me to take it up with my GP as the results were on the system...in turn my GP told me it was my endo who had requested it so it would be up to her to relay the results to me..l contacted her about the issue...after some time she eventually wrote to me explaining because I left the urine sample at the endocrine outpatient clinic it does not fall within the remit to send out urine samples for analysis for urinary tract infections and this contributed to the delay in receiving the results..she did not know if my GP would be able to see the results electronically if they had not requested it..she went on to say.further urine samples of this sort would be best processed at my surgery..why did she take it in the first place??? Who was i supose to contact about the results???? My GP prescribed me antibiotics in Jan..for the infection bit late seeing as the infection was diagnosed in the beginning of DEC...so I was never treated...I feel her letter is a let off by the NHS again!!!!! Great!!!


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  • I can't believe you had a UTI, was in pain and didn't chase it up or go see your GP with a fresh sample of urine.

    What happened to taking a little bit of personal responsiblity here?

    Sorry. I just feel a bit prickly at the moment when people are constantly blaming the NHS. It's being slowly dismantled, abused and slagged off (sometimes with good reason, sadly) - the pressures on staff are unbelievable and it's a thankless job if you're a nurse/paramedic or lowly junior doctor.

    You have to realise that the current government *hates* the NHS - *Hates* it and wants the general public to hate it too.

    My point is, anyone against the NHS and wishing for a privatised and insured system (much like the USA), will just use this site sometimes for cannon fodder.

    I've just forked out nearly £500 for bloods - my choice but by gum, if that was the norm we'd be a little more guarded of what is a precious and much envied resource.

  • PrimroseStar, Patients attending endocrinology consultations are routinely advised to supply a urine sample when they attend.

    Birkie's endo should have told her that endocrinology doesn't test for UTI's and advised her to take the sample to her GP for testing.

  • Clutter, Urine samples do not seem to be routinely taken at Endo appointments lately. Nor weighing. They really are cutting back to the bone.

  • J-bee, I suspect that the request to bring a sample on the appointments letter is a standard inclusion as thyroid clinics are often held in diabetes units. I don't think the sample I provided was analysed and I've not bothered to supply a sample since my first appointment.

  • It just seems that the past couple of years they have not done this, so guess it is just another cutback. Must admit you get through clinic quicker and the amount of help you get is not as good as it used to be. Have today received an appointment for Dermatology (Levo induced skin complaint) from a private provider too. The company is called Provide and they also hold Dental Clinics for special needs, although the staff are no different to usual, so same good care from these people. Sorry if I have gone off subject a bit.

  • Hi cutter

    Thanks for your reply on my urine sample I left with my endo...I did only request she dipped it to see if it was an infection as I had just recently been discharged from hospital with suspected colitis and I was diagnose as having H piylor.. she skipped over that request saying she would send it off for analysis.. nothing to to with me after that.I asked who do I contact about the results she told me my GP would be able to obtain them..and I would need to contact them..that's just what I did on the 18,19dec to be told no results were back as yet..I contacted them again just before the holds again the GP s receptionist said no results are back..I did put my point forward that the test was done by my endo who I saw on DEC the second,,'I was told it can take sometime for samples to be processes by that method.. so I informed the GP of the pain via the receptonis... but was told it was colitis pain by both GPs..you really don't know what to do for the best!! Mostly I live alone my son comes and stays but visits his girlfriend who lives outside Liverpool ...my only help is my GPs but its not worked in this case..should patients really be chasing their results.????


  • Birkie, if the endo ordered the tests the results will have been returned to the endo. There's no way your GP would be aware that the endo ordered tests or the results if the endo didn't notify them.

    It's my experience that doctors don't notify patients of results unless there is a problem and it is up to patients to chase results from the doctor who ordered tests.

  • Hi cutter

    My results showed a urinary tract infection..I did all I could to obtain the results,,even contacting the endos Secretary... I was also having blood tests done the same time that's why I think she said all results would be obtained by my gp..I even told my gp that my Castro consultant could see them on the system but even then my GP did not see them..I chased the results from The18 of DEC..with no luck!! If you leave a sample with either a GP or consultant and you receive no responds you would automatically think everything's OK with said sample..but believe me that's not been the case..I had a urine test a few years ago..had pain and returned to my GP after talking to him about the pain and smelly urine he opened a letter in my records which they received a week ago to tell me I had a kidney infection..no one contacted me about the results...I know mistakes can be made....but this is the second for me and given I had just been realised from hospital you would have thought they would at least have followed up on my concerns


  • When I had bloods taken for an endo appointment I rang my GP for the results. They said that it was up to the endo to let me have the results - they hadn't been sent to the GP. So I rang the endo secretary who told me that she couldn't give me them, but my GP would be able to see them on ICE. I rang my GP surgery again and the receptionist told me that she couldn't get the results off ICE the doctor would have to do it - she would ask him. A little while later I got a phone call from the doctor. After a brief conversation about the results he agreed to have them printed off for me to collect from reception the next day. The next time I had bloods done by the endo - I just rang my GP surgery and told them the results would be on ICE. They were printed off and ready for me to collect the next day - no messin'.

  • Hi primrosestar

    I had just come out of hospital after vomiting blood up was diagnosed with suspected colitis did have H piylor...and was in for seven days it took all my energy and strength to attend but I needed to see my endo,,I told her about the back loin pain and urinating more so she took a sample,if like I requested she dipped it she could have found out if I indeed did have an infection..I did mention this pain to both GPs---but were told its the colitis your getting confused,,my surgery is not a good one trying to get a GP just to come out to you is like fighting a battle,,I was refused admitance in to hospital by my GP,,who is head of practice.before I was admitted to hospital I made several visits ...my son practically carried me out to the appointments

    I then asked for a home visit 2 days before being admitted no way I had to again crawl to my surgery..their excuse was I'd be seen quicker.no I wasn't!!!!They did take blood sent me packing...2days later iwas rushed in to hospital...trouble with my GPs are no after care..I have ME/fibro...they never bothered when I mentioned my pain..its colitis pain...my son was in Germany on holds I had no one to take a sample in for me or else that would have been my next move...I was left thinking this pain was colitis ho and the meds I was on to ..GPs are quick to poo poo you like you don't know your own body...this is not the first time I have had bad treatment from GPs but I'm going to make sure its the last

    I will agree that nurses and doctors have a really hard job..when I was in hospital I saw stupid silly regulations that don't help the patients,, but the nurses and doctors have to abide by them..one example I was in really bad pain with fibromialgia/cramping up,,my meds had worn off,,I buzzed for the nurse it took her more than twenty mins to reply to me,,,as I guess she was busy...when I did eventually get seen her she told me all meds were locked up and only a seinior doctor could release them for patients and none were available..I was left in pain for over two hours until a doc could release the meds..now I don't think that's what the nurses want because they even complained that its wrong leaving patients in pain..but they have no authority to give out meds without a doctors consent... so whos making these rules..if medication is required by patients through night their should at least be a doc on the wards to do this..I think the NHS needs a overhaul its not working...that's been my experience!!!


  • I have urine dip test strips at home as I have ongoing asymptomatic haematuria. They're cheaply available on Amazon. Couple weeks ago I got uti symptoms so tested my urine and there were nitrite and leukocyte ester in there indicating infection. Rang GP and left message - got a call back to say a prescription for antibiotics will be waiting for me at Boots later that day and to take a sample into the surgery. Sample confirmed E. coli infection. Antibiotics cleared it up. All very efficient! Btw I have a new young GP. She's very good :-)

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