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Letter from GP for private referral to see endorcologist

When I shown the the doctor the lump on my Thyroid last week and with all the other on going issues, informing her that the chiropractor she sent me to will not touch me as I have had no diagnosis since my vertebraes collapsed.

She said right we need an ultrasound on the thyroid an full body isotope and a referral to orthopedic surgeon loads of bloods.

I went yesterday as I have put my blood results up on here and I wasn't happy with them, the doctor tried telling me that they were fine and asking if I was depressed several times asking me, last week I thought we had a plan but since leaving her room on the 1st Feb up until yesterday she had not made a referral to anywhere for me, my wife was with me yesterday so she could see that I a not going mad, so I asked if I could be referred privately to see an endorcologist she said yes that it maybe a good idea, so we left her office yesterday 7th of Feb, but something didn't feel right, so this morning I awoke in pain and sent her and email at 6.30am saying that I still want the plan off ultrasound full body isotope and referee to orthopedic surgeon, that I will see endorcologist privately regarding my bloods that she is saying are fine.

Received email this evening to tell me that the letter for the consultant was ready to be picked up, also that she would not refer me anywhere until I have seen him because it can get confusing and she doesn't want to be sending me here and there, can I just say she has sent me know where.

I just hope the endorcologist looks at these bloods and sees what I see and what most people on this forum and the PAS forum see.

Thank you all for your advice

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I doubt an endocrinologist will diagnose thyroid dysfunction based on your current low TSH and normal FT4. Endocrinologists are not usually interested in B12, iron, folate etc. although they may deign to look at vitamin D results.


The only reason doctors especially endocrinologists and paediatricians are interested in looking at vitamin D is because of a Appeal court case a few years ago. The parents were accused of abusing their baby and so the baby was taken away. It was then found, just before the child was adopted, that both the child and mother were severely vitamin D deficient due to a genetic defect. The doctors who were involved in finding it were endocrinologists, while those involved in child protection are paediatricians. After the case anyone involved in treating children were sent on training courses to learn about vitamin D.



My endo told me ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate were good because FBC was good. When tested I was severely vitD deficient, folate deficient, low B12 and high ferritin. I have mild osteopenia so endo monitors vitD and calcium annually along with thyroid and thyroglobulin.


Hi clutter,

Thank you for your reply, my wife has just phoned a friend of ours who is a doctor, we have tried not to contact him as we feel sometimes it is difficult when they are friends but I know he would want the best for me, he gave us the name of the surgeon we need to be referred to and he said it should not be private.

It should be put in as urgent referel and be in the 2 week turn around, he knows the Surgeon and he said he has a big interest in the thyroid, he said he will scan it and do whatever tests needed and if it needs to be removed he will take it out.

Whatever needs to be done will be do.

So it is a shame that we have to contact friends.



That's better than being referred to endocrinology.


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