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Letter from Endo


"I would like to suggest an alternative to seeing Mrs (me) in the Endocrine clinic. I note previous problems with Graves and note elevated Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies in the past. On biochemical testing there is no indication of Graves’ disease. I therefore do not think there is any merit in us seeing her, as it is unlikely we will be offering or suggesting any treatment.

I hope you (referring ENT lady) do not mind me responding in this manner I am simply keen that she obtains the smoothest pathway to the most appropriate care avoiding raising concerns unnecessarily

Best wishes

Prof *******

Lead Consultant and Hon prof of Medicine and Endocrinology

No particular reason for posting just wanted to share I have an ENT follow up next month, supposedly to discuss outcomes of Endo visit. He makes no mention of Hashi antibodies that were 240

Feeling very low today

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"No indication of Graves" - ha, well there wouldn't be, seeing as TRAB antibodies weren't even tested, were they? At least, not if I've understood your results post properly healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

On the plus side Debby, this endo doesn't sound like someone who would've helped you one bit - I think you might be better off NOT seeing him...

As you said before, the Endonob isn't suggesting an alternative at all - other than not seeing him (I'm assuming him).

debbymcc60 in reply to Jazzw

Very true Jazz what a dire old situation we are in. I'll see ENT Dr because she has tried to do the right thing. No Graves antibodies weren't checked maybe he doesn't know what they are.


I'm sorry you are disappointed especially when you were hoping for a positive outcome.

The word 'pathway' rang a bell, I think I've heard that word before. :)

To be serious he is assuming you have no clinical symptoms at present and his decision is based upon your blood test result only.

staruk in reply to shaws

Gotta agree Shaw's pathways...

Hmm he says ""I would like to suggest an alternative to seeing Mrs (me) in the Endocrine clinic." but he hasn't suggested an alternative has he, just that he doesn't want to see you! How pompous and an Honorary Professor indeed!

I think your ENT consultant would be rather insulted by this letter and I suggest you contact her for advice very quickly, and, if necessary, ask Louise for a list of recommended endocrinologists so that you can suggest one at a different hospital to be referred to.

Good luck!

debbymcc60 in reply to Framboise

Thankyou yes Framboise, i have an appointment with her. Im so glad Iv shared this because I was convincing myself I was overreacting and missing the alternative offer. AND yes Hon Prof is always slightly suspect me .

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