my endo appointment today!

so i had my endo appointment and he didnt seem to care about my tsh rising or any other of the tests i had done, he has said he is going to refer me to a physician for help, ht told me that he thinks the only way to get my swallowing problem under control is by having half of my thyroid removed :(, he said although thyroid problems can cause the symptoms i wrote down for him he thinks it highly unlikely this :/, he said so many people with thyroid nodules go in with alot of symptoms he also said he wish it was like adding 2+2 and saying it was a thyroid problem, he went on to then say maybe if we remove your thyroid and nodule the symptoms may dissapear huh has he just contridicted himself? anyway i said im not sure about having the op so he has gave me time to think about it! anyone with words of wisdom? x

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  • Hi Several things spring to mine. If you see a surgeon re thyroid. You will get another opinion. Now, surgeons are not wiling to operate unless they are sure it is right for you. When you have seen one, you can then decide if you want to go a head. Leave the option open. If you are not happen with thee Endo`s treatment, then ask for a referral from the GP, once having established you need to see an endo, the referral should not be a problem. by having the original one. first referral, you should have no problem with this. However make sure ,first, that you know who is best for you to see, then ask the GP. Lots of criteria but I think top is a good listener, that usually goes with not being self opinionated .

    I hope that helps. It is a very common OP, but you are still likely to have a thyroid problem as some,always left behind,so not exactly a cure all. Then you will still need some treatment. I have nodules and enlargement. I cannot have any surgery. My voice is now terrible and my swallowing

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


  • thanks, he wanted to book me in for the surgery he never mentioned about seeing a surgeon first, how come you can't have the surgery? x

  • Hi No one would ever operate without first seeing you and discussing an admitence. I need lots of major OPs, for life threatening conditions. Seen all the appropriate surgeons, but all my consultant s and I already knew the answer, all say I will be dead as before I reach the OP table. True I am extremely ill but it is not thyroid.. That is why I do feel worth discussing at your surgeons appointment, They are quite fussy who they operate and what for now, Does not look good other wise! Actually ,most really care for the patient!

    Let me know what he says, You can still see another endo also, but I would start with the surgeon.

    Best wishes,


  • oh ok I didn't realise, im so sorry to hear that you have loads of problems, I hope they can sort it for you, I told endo I need to think about it because I thought he would just book me up and that's it! so if I went to see the surgeon and decide I don't want it can I still pull out? x

  • Hi Yes, at any time, right up to the OP you can pull out, The surgeon might even decide, on consultation that it is not your best treatment. or you can see him, and ask to let him know in a few months what you decide. Accepted medicine now. Try not to worry. You have to get the best medical advice from docs you can trust you look carefully at you with the blood results, and then decide your self. Do a list pro and against if it helps, but do see the surgeon first consultant .Physicians ( consultants, not surgeons) any way never recommend a surgeon as first choice, it means they have sort of failed!


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