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Results re possible Hypothyroid daughter

I have finally received blue horizon results for my daughter.

TSH 1.49

Total thyroxine 89 (59 _154)

Free thyroxine 13.4 (12-22)

Free T3 5.6 (3.5 _7.7) this last one has a different level of normal range to when I had mine tested a few weeks ago

As you will see her TSH Is quite low Although more than 1, however the others are low in ranges, as per usual I am guessing this means we will get zero help from the doctor re her symptoms (listed below)

Question is, should I just trial her on nutri thyroid as a starting place ? Her weight is an issue as is her dwindling energy levels, erratic periods too.

She is taking a vitamin c and iron tablet, multi vitamin, B vitamin mix and pro biotic.I know you cannot tell me what to do officially but any advice would be great.

Kind regards x

i will re post the info I added last week regarding this, some of you will have seen this already so apols x

For some time now I have been worried about my 15 year old daughter.

She was a very slim, borderline under weight little girl until she hit puberty when her weight just ballooned. Her periods started at just under 13, but after one light one they disappeared for a year. When they came back they were frighteningly heavy (like mine were in my teens) I have taken her to the doctors a few times after one morning she flooded after getting out of bed and started to pass out until i got her and laid her down. The doctor said she is maybe a little aneamic and needs to lose weight, she pescribed a clotting tablet for her to take when her periods are heaviest. Some have lasted 20 days with about 10 heavy ones. She has no real pattern still after nearly two years of periods but she roughly bleeds about 10-12 days then has no period for about two months, sometimes an odd one will come maybe five weeks after the last but this is rare. I started to think thyroid, but the doctor said highly unlikely and more like PCOS because of her weight and spots. I asked for thyroid test to be sure. This was several months ago, and to be honest I wasnt aware of the need for early morning TSH testing We had bloods taken at 5pm.

I was told by the receptionist several days later that my daughters bloods were all fine and in range (doctor had checked them) so I left it at that, however over the last few weeks i have learned a lot about the thyroid and its symptoms and this made me wonder what her levels actually were.

I called the doctors today for a print out and got these results


TSH 1.4 (0.3-4.94)

SERUM FREE T4 10.4 (9.0-19.1)


Mean cell vol 84.00 fl (84.00-99.00)

serum sex hormone binding globulin 18.nmol (18-114)

Serum ferritin 37.8ug/l (10-204)

Dont have vit d or b6 results so they cant have tested them

I am going to invest now in the full bloods (home test) because I am worried, i appreciate that the TSH isn't majorly high but considering this was an evening draw I worry what the early am fasting ones would show (any ideas?) is there a conversion table to work out the difference in levels at different times of day?

My daughter has dyslexia and as a young woman is a nervous and sensitive soul who upsets easy, like me she also suffers with an exagerated startle response to noise or unexpected things happening (for example someone walking in room when her back is turned, she may scream and jump when she first sees them)

She was epileptic for the first four years of life and took sodium valproate.

She is about 5ft 7" and I dont know her wait as she will not let us see , but i guess about 12 stone.

Her outer eyebrows are barely visible

she has constipation and sometimes a really sensitive tummy (saw doctor for this and they said perhaps ibs)

she doesnt feel the cold as much as me, but she has zero stamina for exercise, and is often tired, but i dont think this is as bad as my fatigue yet, she has cravings for salt, carbs and sweet things which doesnt help and i end up policing her.

clumsiness is another issue, the school tested her for dyspraxia a few years ago and said she had mild signs.

Kind regards x

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Her T4 is definitely low in range and I suspect that is contributing to her symptoms. I'm not sure why her TSH isn't higher though. There are possible reasons for this; B12 deficiency and low cortisol levels. I think a B12 test would be advisable and it needs to be well within the normal range (i.e. at least 400 and preferable higher).

The cravings for salt could be down to low cortisol. It is one of they symptoms of Addison's disease and also adrenal fatigue (something doctors don't acknowledge). A serum cortisol test would be wise. It needs to be at the top of the range at 8am.

The clumsiness and other neurological problems could be down to a B12 deficiency.

Sodium valproate can cause PCOS but that apparently resolves once the drug is no longer taken.

Her ferritin is on the lower side which might be contributing to her symptoms.

I don't know much about sex hormone tests but it might be a good idea to get a full profile if that is possible.

I'm sorry I can't be more help than this. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon. If you have any further questions, please do ask and we will do our best to help.

Carolyn x


Thanks for that Carolyn, its so worrying, she has very similar symptoms to what I went through at her age, so worried re thyroid because of family history. My TSH is only 2.59, and i feel shocking, but my t4 /t3 ferritin b12 etc are all bottom of ranges like hers too. I just know that a doctor wont treat on that . I have finally got a referral to Dr Skinner now so hopefully i can glean some ideas for her when he advises me. I am already giving her iron with vit c as advised last year because of very heavy bleeding, yet her ferritin remains low. Perhaps i should change to ferrous sulphate like i have just started to treat myself with.

I will have to return to the doctor to discuss further tests, just dont feel confident because of the way i have been left over last two to three years of return visits.

I did read that low sex hormone related to hypothyroid too .

Thanks again for advice, it was very helpful x


Could you get a referral to an NHS endo for her? Email me for a list of 'good' ones -




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