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Worried Daughter is hypothyroid too

thyroid disorders affect most of my mothers side of the family both my sister( hyper) and myself( hypo) and I think my 19 year old daughter is already on the road to hypothyroid status....well I think she is there already I just don't know quite how I will intervene.

Last year she had a TSH check which came back 2.99 (0.53 - 3.59) but of course GP. Classed that as normal. This year I had her get it retested plus T4 and antibodies

T4 9.3 (7.5 - 21.1)

TSH 1.83 (0.34-5.6) and she is positive for high antibodies.

The doctor wrote a letter stating she did not need thyroid replacement at the moment but get tested again in 6 months.

Since she has been home from uni I have noticed that her neck is larger than 'normal and even on the warmest days she is wrapped in a blanket on the sofa with freezing cold feet, she is gaining weight.

I self medicate for my own hypo after 20 years of under treatment by GP it seems a far scarier step to make that decision for my daughter but I think the GP is failing her. I am getting her to see my own GP and will do my utmost to get them to scan her neck and redo bloods.

Any input from members would be gratefully received. Thank you

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You have all my sympathy!! It is bad enough trying to get treatment for yourself but watching a loved one going through it is far worse. Hugs.

Her Ft4 is really quite low at the bottom of the range. The fact her GP wants to retest in 6 months may give you hope as it seems GP is holding some concern given family history. Has she tried completing the symptom checker on Thyroid UK? Might be helpful to flag up with GP if she will. i doubt he will diagnose unless her ft4 falls below range or her TSH goes above. Did he comment on her antibodies? Did he check the other usual such as ferritin, b12 etc...?


seems she has Hashimotos and that her TSH is swinging wildly

However its free T4 and especially free T3 that matter

also ask that




vit d3 are tested

Be sure that any tests are fasting ones as early in morning as possible as TSH is highest then

Her symptoms are screaming hypothyroid that I know all too well when my husband was so ill also with a tSH of 2.9


You are very au fait with hypothyroidism as it runs in your family. Despite the doctor saying your daughter doesn't need levo because her TSH is within range.

This is from

If she has high antibodies she has a condition called Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos.

If having new blood tests, ask also for free T3 and free T4 to be done (labs might not do so as her TSH is 'in range'.

Have the blood test as early as possible and fast.


Thankyou Waveylines, Shaws and reallyfedup123 for all the info, I will follow through with all suggested actions...the really precious thing though is to feel a great sense of back up to my misgivings about how her case is being I will now be getting all info gathered as I had to do for myself and go back to the frontline so my daughter has a better chance of staying healthy despite the Hashimoto's or giving her the information and choice to self treat. thanks again


She is very lucky to have you on her case. Go with your instincts, and your knowledge of your own condition.

Screening for antibodies in close family members of those with celiac or thyroid autoimmune conditions should be a mandatory part of NHS guidelines.

I am sure it would save taxpayers' money.

In addition, I so wish I had access to my parents' blood test results. They are both dead and they will no longer exist. I am leaving mine to my daughter in a file labelled "Very Important Clues - Do Not Destroy!"


Thank you Aspmama. yes, the NHS is so in the dark ages with treatment in some areas. I am so lucky to be able to research my own condition and become more aware of treatment options unlike my mother who had a thyroidectomy many years ago and inadequate treament in the 30 years since i suspect. My sister has Graves and they are trying to do either RI or thyroidectomy and I am trying to get her to become more informed too before she makes treatement decisions.

I don't want to scare my daughter but she has a great chance to make lifestyle decisions to affect the course of her Hashimotos...if she chooses. Thanks again :-)


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