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Pain management

I am new to this site and have had IBS for nearly 5 years. I suffer from excruciating lower left side pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness, vary constantly between constipation and diarrhoea. I have tried the following medicines (plus CBT) without success: mebeverine, colpernin, buscopan, paracetamol, co-codamol, amytriptyline, imipramine, oramorph, gabapentin, pre-gabalin (plus a steroid injection into abdominal wall in case it was nerve related-it wasn't). Have had x rays, ultra sound scans, multiple blood tests, barium meal, colonoscopy. Also seen dieticians, counsellor and am under the care of a GI consultant (useless) and pain management consultant (nice but run out of ideas). I am hyper sensitive to caffeine, alcohol and anything that affects the bowel like Imodium or laxatives. I have lost jobs and about to lose my current one. I do not qualify for any benefits and am at the end of my tether. Any advice much appreciated. Totally desperate and fed up of the pain.

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I'm very sorry to hear about how badly you're suffering. I also suffer terrible pain on a daily basis and sometimes I just want to end it all. Nothing seems to help me all that much apart from Pregabalin. Even then I cant take it too often due to the fact that it causes constipation which in turn aggravates the pain. I use a TENS machine and it does help me cope with the pain sometimes which is better than nothing I suppose. I'm sorry I can't suggest anything else to try, but I do understand completely what you're going through. I've suffered this diabolical condition for over 30 years (I'm now 52) and it's worse now than it's ever been. The misery and distress it causes is beyond belief. I do know that worrying excessively about it can make the symptoms worse and this is where stuff like meditation can be helpful. I hope you eventually discover something that will at least alleviate your pain a little. Just remember you're not alone with this.



Don't give up. I have PD as well as excruciating pain on lower left ab. My GI specialist sent me to a physical therapist specializing in ab pain. I am much better. Still constipated but i am using techniques Pt showed me. Plus list of foods GI recommended help. PT discovered that I have spasm in obturator (?) internal after a bm that lands me in bed. So a baby step of progress.


Hi whiteladder, It puzzles me why there doesnt seem to be an answer to IBS. Like you some have followed medical advice given and still no great improvement. You have had lots of treatment yet still not OK. I am still trying to find an answer. Dont get the severe pain but discomfort in abdomen. Get some relief from protem plus tablets.rekon my gp thinks antidepressants would help....but some have taken them and not seemed to have helped. Just had some fizzy drink which really is a no no but needed to have a change . Appariently its mainly due to the mind and anxiety, yet some foods dont agrivate condition so that cannot be right. how are you managing these days.


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