Pain pain and more pain

I've had IBS for the last 12yrs.But I have it every single day,I've been through all the NHS system plus some private.Over the last couple of weeks it's been unbearable.Im 5wks into the Fodmap diet which don't seem to be having any effect.If anyone out there has got any suggestions I would be wholeheartedly greatful.i am totally at the end of my tether.I am on no end of medication to no effect.

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  • Hi there have you had your gallbladder removed?

  • I have had my gallbladder removed.

  • I have colitis and got relief with Lialda (requires folic acid supplements) and curbing milk products. I also take probiotics which are good bacteria for our digestive trac.

  • That sounds really tough and I feel for you. It's worth looking at all of the elements i.e work, diet, exercise, sleep through different avenues. It doesn't sound like the medical route is working for you. Every part of our life involves stressors which are important for our bodies and minds and have positive influences. Negative influences though can overwork our bodily systems and so it's worth looking at each area of your life in turn. As an example, I found that gluten, diary and meats where stressors so I've adopted a plant powered based diet which enhances the nutritional content of the food and is easily digested. Sleep wasn't a problem for me unless I get less than 8 hours. Exercise is one area which I do loads of but I've included bikram yoga as well to help the mental element as well. I cut out coffee (I don't drink tea anyway) and more recently I've completely quit smoking and stopped drinking fizzy drinks as much. I'm not a lifestyle coach but a physio who has a vestid interest in this area as I've had IBS for 10 yrs and I've recently been diagnosed as coeliac. All of these things have taken a long time but one thing has helped and that's NOT GIVING UP. There are solutions for each and every one of us; it takes persistance to find which ones work for us!

  • Hi I haven't had wheat,Lactose,Fructose or Fructans for the last 5wks as I'm on the Fodmap diet but it don't seem to be makeing any difference.

  • Have you tried PT for abdominal pain? A new specialty. I was pain free for a month when I received it. Now a student Pt comes to my house.

  • Hi Patv what is pt please

  • physical therapist

  • Hi Physiogirl what do you mean by powder based diet ?

  • hi . have you had an SEHCAT Scan . ive had ibs for 20+ years and abt 9 months ago it was discovered i have BAM . [ BILE ACID MALABSORPTION ] and was prescribed Cholestyramine powder . and i have found a 50 / 60% improvement [ from 11/ 15 bm every day to 5/7 bm a day. Trisha [ Ireland]

  • Hi Gemini, I have had IBS for around 15 years now, and I also have this practically every day. If I have bad cramps/pain I will take two Buscopan and this helps a little, also two Solpadeine tablets which also help. I'm told by a friend who also has IBS that Aloe Vera juice is very good and this is working for her. She has been on it for two months so far and she can now eat practically anything she wants and has stopped having to dash off to the toilet and goes 'normal' now. I haven't tried it myself as yet, I'm going to, but never seem to get on with it.

  • Is the bloating worse after you eat ? Is it worst at the end of the day and better first thing in the morning? That's what I get and my problem is food intolerance. The low chemical diet is scientifically proven so is not a fad diet. I would definitely recommend it. It's made a dramatic difference to me. The medication could well be adding to your problems.

  • Hi swishy it's not so much the bloating that bothers me as the pain and I have that all day every day until I go to sleep.You well may be right about my meds, but I've had IBS way before a lot of my meds came. I also agree with you about chemicals .But i find most of these diet very hard to understand .Im just come in to the end of the Fodmap diet which has made no difference whatsoever so I'll see what my dietician comes up with next

  • I would just like to say thank you for all your replies.Its comforting to not feel so alone hugs and kisses to you all.

  • I think to much medication can make it worse gone to YouTube and put in IBS it is very good see what you think

  • Hi sometimes the effects of some foods i.e. Wheat or gluten can take a while to to leave our body and then our body and gut needs to heal. Keep going with it. I would recommend a probiotic and digestive enzymes. Lots of water. Also finding ways to relax Epsom salts in bath, aromatherapy, meditation etc I do believe in an holistic approach good luck x

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