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Please help me....Constant stomach pain, functional bowel disease and acute constipation

Hi, I've not been diagnosed with the above for over a year now, I was on a high amount of Tramadol, as it is the least constipating and effective pain relief, as the doctors found I was morphine intolerant, no matter how much I was given it did not kill the pain. I have also been on Buscopan and Domperidone. I found a few months back I didn't need to be on all this medication, Tramadol was the worst to come off being on 400mg a day. I think I was in a bed for a week, but feel better now for being off it. I feel less tired and more alert.

I have been back to the doctors because I have this terrible, constant upper stomach pain in the middle at the bottom of my rib cage. I explained that I had been in hospital around 12 times due to impaction and the only thing that cleared me was Klean Prep, being tube fed into my stomach - 4 litres. They tried around 20 enemas over the year, which just came back out. Picolax sachets, but nothing would clear it. Now after klean prep treatment back in May, I am on regular Movicol 2 sachets a night and 2 senna.

The doctor wanted to check for food poisoning as I had it previously, but came back negative, so put me on Mebeverine 135mg x3 a day, It did kill the pain for the first few days, but back to being in pain still in the same place. The GP told me to stop all Movicol and Senna, due to the diarrohea, but I explained I think this is over flow.

The consultant used to do an x-ray to see if impacted, but my GP seems to think this won't show the impaction. I am under a new consultant who has put me on a waiting list for the FODmap diet, but I have a year and half to wait. The consultant saw me in a good way a few months back, but now I am worried I am imapcted again. Going to the toilet every time I eat, going to toilet around 15 times a day Food un processed is also coming through, when I explained, she said I have an over active bowel?? I know this feeling and I feel impacted, but she does not want me to go back to the consultant. I have another appointment in February to see the consultant, but feel this is too long to wait. I am also bleeding from the back passage, when I go to the toilet or in between, I am burning and I have to wipe alot of blood away. I think this might be hemorrhoids from the constant diarrohea, but I just want to be checked out by my consultant before February. The burning and bleeding is really uncomfortable, I am now also incontinent and have to wear pads, due to leakage. I take 10mg of amitryplyne for the pain, at night.

so all together I am on Amytriptlyne, Mebeverine. The Gp also said there is nothing in the rectum to block me, but I have never had that it has always been upper.

I don't want to go back on heavy medication, for pain as I think the pain, is showing there is a problem? I so wish I could be checked. When I get pain, i then get anxious, as I don't know what is going on inside. So then this becomes a vicious circle. Going to toilet is not normal and what is happening is not good.

Can anyone help.....I don't like lots of medication. Many Thanks

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Have you had a colonoscopy (virtual CT scan ) If you haven't you need to insist now . If GP won't refer you as an urgent case call an ambulance when you are ha ing a bad attack and get to A and E where you will be checkd out and if its as serious as you think they will then admit you for tests etc . From what you say all the meds are not doing much for you so more investigation needs doing .Has Diverticulitis been ruled out for instance .

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agreed. check out diverticulitis


Impacted 12 times! Poor you, that sounds absolutely awful.

I also think it's a scandal that you should have to wait 18 months to see a dietician about FODMAPs.

I understand a little bit about the anxiety. I get terribly constipated from time to time and can feel exactly the area on the right hand side where all the food residue gets stuck... I've been obsessing over it a little bit lately. It is very hard to keep things in perspective when you feel that nobody is helping you. Usually mine subsides in about 3-7 days though.

When I'm backed up, I get pain the same sort of area that you mention - under the rib cage slightly to the right. In my case, it's not so much pain (luckily) as a pressure sensation which I reckon is the backed-up colon putting pressure on the organs up under my rib cage. I don't know if this is exactly what's happening, but that's what it feels like.

With me, I've identified a couple of "trigger" foods that cause things to get much worse. I don't think diet will solve everything, but it is at least something that I have control over and don't have to get permission from a doctor if I want to change it. I respond to my food sensitivities with extreme constipation. Have you found anything that makes a difference?

I think the Senna/Movicol combination is supposed to clear constipation, but is not meant to be suitable for long-term medication, so maybe that's why your doctor wanted you to come off them. I don't think there is any problem with staying on just the Movicol though... it's an osmotic laxative that keeps the poop softer, although it might be contributing to the leakage problem. You could ask your doctor about this. Doctors don't always explain enough about why they suggest the things they do.

I agree with Huston... if things get really bad, present yourself to A&E (preferably at a hospital with a good gastroenterology dept!!)

Just a random off-the-wall thought... have you been checked for a thyroid disorder? This presents with constipation and it's a really easy test to do.


Ive been through this and have had every test done also. Check your gall bladder. You might jave sludge. N if u do it is worse than having stones. N the sypmtoms are very weird and not understandable


Hi all I have been for an x ray today, after my GP had spoken to my gastro consultant, she wants me tested for food poisoning again and an x ray to see if I am loaded, in the night the pain is worse, trying to relax go to sleep, but the pain throbs in upper stomach and left side. The x ray department explained if I am still feeling poorly to call the doctor and they can ring for a report instead of waiting for a week for the report. They took 2 pictures and concentrated on the left side, I am wondering they could see I am loaded as my left side is sore, like previous times. It is making me feel really tired and down, I find it disables you when you want to be out and about. Over the year I have had many procedures, CT scans, colon transit study, tablet camera, Barium meal, colonoscopy, flexioscopy, and endoscopy. So all in all the consultant has looked at alot. Blood tests came back clear with no infection. If I am loaded than I have to go in to have tube fed 4 litres of Klean Prep and if not cleared than another 4 litres. That is the only way they can get rid of loading.

I just hope I don't go in as hospitals make me feel awful, I nearly had another panic attack being in there today, just seeing a nurse, doctors, the smell of hospital and the many people rushing around. I really hate hospitals after being admitted around 12 times over the year, and the admission procedure, terrifies me, as nurses were not so kind like they show on documentaries. So i get very anxious. Oh dear, I am praying I stay home and they just treat me for IBS. No impaction would be great.

I have been on Movicol/Laxido 2 -4 sachets every night and 2 senna too, for over a year. Now the GP just stopped them last week just incase of food poisoning, which would make things worse. The GP and consultants, never know what the correct treatment is, as I have acute constipation, causing loading and severe functional bowel disease.

poing - My Thyroid is under active, I have recently been increased to 175 mcg of thyroxine. Thank you for reading my post

Huston - what is Diverticulitis ? Thank you for reading my post

Many Thanks xx


Ah ha! In that case, I'd like to bet my firstborn that you're not on the right dose of medication, maybe not even after the dose increase. Taking thyroid meds changes the feedback loop involving the brain and TSH, so patients on thyroxine usually need to keep TSH in the lower half of the reference range in order to feel well, and sometimes under 1.0. I believe that there's no risk of being overdosed so long as the TSH is not completely suppressed. There's a thyroid forum on HealthUnlocked too, and if you head over there, they might be able to give you some more information on how to get the best treatment for your thyroid condition. It might not be the whole answer, but it's the foundation of your metabolism, so it's really important. If the thyroid hormone isnt' doing it's work, then nothing else will work either!


I was supposed to have a call from my doctor today regarding my x- ray, but she didn't call. I've now not slept for 2 nights, due to pain worsening in my top of my legs, it's like pulled muscles and it's agony, I am taking ibuprofen and paracetamol, but not getting rid of the pain. The diarrohea has stopped but my stomach pain is bad and the leg pain, makes me feel I need to walk around all the time, it's an awful feeling. I have had it before when in hospital and the consultants said it is nothing to do with my stomach problems, so why is it, it only occurs when I have stomach problems, it's like they don't believe me. Normally when I am impacted, the pain in my stomach is so bad, I don't think i could go through the weekend in this state. Feeling so tired and 'low' as I have had no life for 3 years. I'm scared of going back to hospital.

Thanks poing, I am going to look into this, thyroid is normal now but over the year has gone down 3 times. i'm on 175 mcg now.


I'm so sorry to hear that they've left you hanging. Hopefully they will call today, if not then chase them up!

I'm the same in the sense that when my stomach plays up, then other problems happen at the same time. I get geographic tongue, which gets visibly worse the more constipated that I am. Sometimes I get a throbbing pain in my neck, which is made worse by having a bad stomach. Oh yes, and sometimes I have glue ear - the ENT consultant said no way was that connected, but it is more than just coinceidence! I think that when a person is run down with an illness, it shows up your other physical weaknesses.

If your stomach is not working well, then you may be developing nutritional deficiencies. B12 is particularly hard to absorb, and mine was heading down into the danger zone - caught it just before it went out of range, and supplementing that really helped me. I was also really low on magnesium and iron (although the iron problem was exacerbated by the face that I used to bleed rather a lot.) I think it's always a good idea to get tested rather than take supplements "just in case".

Has your GP tested you for any of these things? I'm lucky that mine is pretty thorough on testing, so I didn't have to ask for most of these. I did ask for a coeliac test though, that's another one that's worth ruling out because it's more likely in someone with a thyroid problem.


Hi Pong

Thanks again for your response.

I chased up the GP today and the receptionist was rude saying it takes a week to 10 days for an x ray result to come through. I explained that the GP was going to call me and chase up the result.

The receptionist had great pleasure to call me back and say ' Like I told you it takes around 10 days for a result to come back'. I tried to prove to her what the x ray team had told me and the GP said it would not take a week and she would call them before.

So I am still waiting, feeling unwell for yet another weekend, not knowing what is going on inside.

The system is rubbish as a consultant would not take so long if I was in medical assessment. Yes the GP has done well to keep me out of hospital, but without any treatment, for the pain, in my stomach and the bad pain in my legs, it just makes me feel bad. I am still wanting to keep away from hospital, there is no infection, which is good.

The doctor did bloods for everything and all my levels are okay. She wanted to make sure I was not lacking anything.

I just feel that when someone says they are going to do something, you trust them, but you can't trust anyone these days.

It's been 3 weeks for this last bout of sickness. It feels like I am disabled having to cancel appointments, plans as I feel so poorly.

Lets hope for next week now...


Hi, yes I have a blockage lucky me 8 Movicol a night for 3 nights. If no better go back. Hating this way of life


Ssounds like its your gall bladder.you may have sludge


I had my gall bladder removed 15 years ago. been told that I am to live like this now for rest of life and taking tramadol for the pain, I am also going to start peristeen where you fill your bowel with water to relieve chronic constipation and may help the pain.


I'm in sympathy about your 18m wait for a dietician. There are FODMAP sites try fodmap.org it gives the information and foodmap food list for free.


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