IBS and back pain

Hi all,

I have suffered from IBS for a numer of years and this has been confirmed by my consultant, who said he had never met anyone with such a sensitive bowel in all his years of practise. It tends to be stress related mainly. I have been under considerable stress of late and it has flared up yet again and I have been suffering for the last three weeks. I have had periods of constipation and diahorrea, mainly constipation this time and the pains in my bowel have been awful. Taken the usual mediation, Mintec and colafac which usually help, however not much relief with them this time.

Today I have been fine until late afternoon when I started to experience the most awful pain in my bowel (left hand side) which I have had before but this time the pain radiated through to my back (this I have never experienced). I was doubled over in pain for about 5 minutes then it went. I can still feel slight bowel pain and a lot of gurgling noises and I am definately bloated. Have any of you experienced back pain with IBS? Like I said, I've never had this before and it was really scary.

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  • I suffer terribly it effects my hips pelivis and pubis area it reduces me to use crutches and sometimes can't even get out of bed. I had pgp when I was pregnant 5 years ago and have been treated as still having it. I received information from the pgp charity and it who that IBS and diverticulitis can cause the same symptoms. I'm under going tests at he moment to rule out anything else I hope this helps

  • Hi scattypink

    when I read your answer i couldn't believe how alike we are. I too suffered with PGP/SPD while I was preganant( my daughter is know 2 1/2). I am under the hospital myself getting test done. Take care of yourself and good luck.


  • Hi maisie_dazy

    I to suffer with back, hip and pelvic pain when I am having a really bad time with my IBS-D(thats alot of the time lately). I am under the hospital at the moment for test, they are trying to rule out other things. I spoke to the doctor about this pain and he said its inflamation because everything is in the same area.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.


  • Thanks so much for the replies. I have G.P. appointment later today so will discuss this with him. I was just talking to a friend who asked if this bout of IBS could have been triggered by a new medication I'm on for migraine, Ampitryline. Checked online and does say one side effect is constipation which is something I don't tend to suffer with as much as the "other".

    I seem to go long periods perfectly ok then wham it hits me and can take quite a while to settle down, like this time. No-one has ever mentioned diverticulitis so I will ask about that today.

  • Hiya I was reading what you've said I have suffered with IBS for about a year. Stress related although not yet confirmed. However I have really struggled on bad flare ups with chronic back pain.

    My doctor has put me on amitrpline or however u spell it for the back pain. Although recent events in when I have taken it I have thrown up quite violently.

    Hope u get better soon

  • I had terrible lower back pain (as well as lots of other symptoms) I had an x-ray which showed 'normal wear & tear' for my age (51) and a slight curvature, followed by an MRI which came back as 'acceptable' my doctor sent me on a course which a chiropracter which also included acupuncture and an exercise regime - very little difference - I then went privately to an osteopath weekly for about 6 weeks. It seemed to help but the effect only lasted a few days at the most. More recently I also developed pain in my left knee and foot. The doctor referred me to a pysiotherapist. The results have been incredible. He does very little manipulation but has given me a few easy exercises (that I often forget or choose not to do) he said that knee & foot pain was caused by me carrying myself in a way to reduce the back pain. I am pleased to say that the knee and foot pain have gone and the back pain is managable - I still have a few bad days but I am not 'laid up in bed' every afternoon now - also I suddenly realised that I wasn't limping any more and more importantly, wasn't taking painkillers every day. Not 100% improvement but a massive difference :) - I wish I could say the same for the other symptoms (started on Pukka Aloe Juice today so fingers crossed)

  • I get really bad back pain when my Ibs flares up which seems to be most of the time at the moment. Having really bad cramps at the moment. Suffered since my teens and am now 59 so used to it you could say. Stress is my main cause but lots of foods set it off as well getting to the point where I don't know what to eat for the best. Taking colpermin and paracetamol for the back. Helps a bit. ! Getting very depressed with it all. Has none tried hypnotherapy for IBS.

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