Lower right pain

Does anyone also get pain quite low on the right side of the abdomen. You always read left sided pain but this flare I have it on the right more. My consultant says ibs pain can move. Just wondered if anyone else has this

Once it is there it tends to stay for a while but I am also experiencing pains all over digestive system right up to middle of chest.


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  • Hi, I get pain under my right rib. Sometimes it is excruciatingly painful. I've always presumed it to be trapped wind. I usually get it at night and it can last for many hours meaning I don't sleep. I've never considered it to be more than trapped wind but it is horrible and very debilitating. I also can't pin it down to any particular cause.

  • Hi. I have suffered with lower right sided pain too, since July. I underwent an appendicectomy last week to have what ended up being a very nasty appendix removed (had been told by numerous doctors at my local hospital that it was not my appendix)! My advice would be to keep an eye on it. If the pain continues to trouble you push to see a reputable surgeon who may be able to determine if you have a grumbling appendix.

  • Yes - I get it lower right side - it's typical apparently.

  • I also get this pain on my lower right side, just another symptom of ibs I suppose.

  • Yes I get right sided pain. I usually pass mucus with small ammounts of blood when this happens as I get constipated with it. I had a colonoscopy and a scan. In my case apparently I get a blockage where the small bowel goes into the colon. I think it is some sort of valve which can get stuck, Ileocecal Valve I think it is called.

  • Mine is always lower left. So extremely painful I had to leave a show at intermission last night.

  • Also get lower right pain and with mucus. Appendix pain however is severe, so if yours is, then you need to get it checked out, when you are in pain. My daughter kept ending up in the san at her boarding school, with stomach pain. One weekend she came home with the same pain. Took her to the doctor and she was in hospital immediately for an appendectomy. Hope this clarifies things for you.

  • I have a brother that is almost bed ridden when he gets this pain. He refuses to go see a Doc though. ..I feel horrible that I cannot help him. I'm afraid of massaging him...and don't like that only ibuprofen helps. I've read so many similar stories. ..so so worried. I can only imaging his pain.

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