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Buscopan can help

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Hi Debbie, My sister a week ago told me she was taking mabevarine. Said the same it wasn't working. I advised her to speak to the pharmacist to enquire if she can take buscopan as she is a coeliac and diverticulitis. She has been taking two a day now and is feeling the difference 😊. I swear by them as the most effective for cramps and bloating. Hope this helps I think fybogel can sometimes cause more bloating. But of course it is safer to speak to someone with medical knowledge before you do 😉 I hope this help

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Thanks for sharing. Good that you've found something that helps. Every time I've taken Buscopan, it gives me heart palpitations. I used to be OK with Mebeverine. I use other measures now. Just goes to show how different we all are.

Do you think Buscopan really works for the cramping as I get anal cramps and take paracetamol for this pain do Buscopan have the same affect in your opinion , I realise that we all have different symptoms too 😄

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