Can antibiotic for dental infection improve IBS symptoms?

A few days ago I finished a nine day course of Metronodizol solution containing sorbitol for a dental infection prior to extraction. While I was taking it my severe bloating and pain was greatly improved also my IBS C was easier. I was wary of the sorbitol as I know it is a FODMAP and I have found it made the bloating worse in the past, however in conjunction with the antibiotic everything seemed quite a bit better.

Now that I am off the drug my symptoms are quickly returning which is so disheartening as obviously I can't stay on it. Anyone else had this experience?

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  • Hi Gardener, not that experience but I am aware that antibiotics affect your gut flora and will have reduced them while taking. Now that you have stopped, they will be growing back and there is a chance your symptoms may change for good or bad - it just depends what the bacteria mix in your gut ends up being.

    I would (if you are not already) take a probiotic to try and get some good bugs in there before the bad ones take charge. I might take a few different ones with each meal over the next couple of days - bacteria multiplies super fast so need to get in quick and while I might take a yogurt one (like actimel or yakult) they used to be based on cheese bacteria (Lactobacillus casei or L.casei) so if you can get some other probiotics with other bacteria strains of bifido bacteria of lactobacillus (Acidophilus, Bulgaricus, Plantarum, Lactobacilli Rhamnosus etc etc).

    VSL#3 is arguably the most wide ranging probiotic (has lots of strains in one dose and you can take a few times a day) but by the time you order it online and get it those bad bugs are probably going to have the upper hand - if your local chemist has it or can get it quick may be worth a try. It's quite expensive but if I had the opportunity to get in quick with it like you have, I would. Good Luck.

  • Hi Boogie, can you purchase VSL#3 in the UK. It seems to be a very good product.

  • I've seen it on Amazon and some independent chemists.

  • Hi Boogie thanks for your reply.

  • Hi gardener, mertodizanol are also used to treat divaticulitus, they are a good antibiotic, the down side is they are quite heavy duty, I have been on them on and off since beging of dec, I take symprove probiotic which I can't rave enough about, it is expensive but very effective, good luck and good health

  • Thank you for your replies, I realised it must be the change in bacteria that was beneficial, however over the years I have tried many probiotics for long periods of time without any noticeable difference and last year took Symprove which made me much worse with a lot of pain. Haven't tried VSL3, maybe worth a try although how it differs from the others I don't really know. Anyone know what they give for SIBO? I can't get tested as it would mean traveling to a London Hos,my local doesn't do that test.

  • SIBO - they prescribe antibiotics - they type depends on which SIBO test you are positive for. I don't know where in the UK you are based but Sheffield do SIBO tests - its the 'hydrogen breath test' and a lot of hospitals in the UK do it. You might only need to travel to the next nearest trust to where you live. Have a look on the internet at your surrounding hospital trusts at the types of tests they do in GI. If not clear look for a consultant that specialises in IBS at the trust and call their secretary and ask them if they test for it in the trust? If they do, ask if your GP can put in a direct referral to that consultant because you have IBS and want to rule SIBO out. If they can, then go to your GP and ask for a referral to that consultant and give him/her the secretary’s fax/tel number and hospital based at. Most consultant secretary’s are really helpful and will help you as much as they can and your GP should be impressed at your resourcefulness. Good Luck.

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