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Hi. I hope everyone's feeling as good as they can be.

Can any body recommend any good products for bloating?

I am currently taking senokot maximum strength at night which ensure a bm the next day. I was taking symprove- 60mls a day which helped with the pains in my stomach.

I get bloating at my lower back and round my stomach? Its like I can pinch a few inches on my back but when I am symptom free it is flat, same as my stomach.

Can anybody recommend any products for this. I am thinking of trying the probiotic vsl#3. Or anything thats good for bloating.


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Hot water and Mint tea are good for relieving that bloated feeling, as well as eating some Mango first thing before you eat anything else! You can also get mint capsules to take that help! There i also a form of seed that you can sprinkle on your food that is supposed to help as well - though the name eludes me right now! Probiotic is a good idea and there are tablets like tumz, or windeze that can help in the short term! Hope this helps!

Lainy01 in reply to MinaFox

Thank you

Bus open helps also with pain

Have you tried looking at what you eat, try keeping a food diary to see what triggers your bloating. Ihave to avoid wheat as that is one of my triggers.

marthaalice in reply to elwins

Same here.

hi buscopn helps relieve bloating pain but i thik you need to find out whats causing the bloating-typically high fibre foods and gassy drinks,sultnanas and onions are culprits.

i find windeze help a bit.



Swap tea and coffee for peppermint tea. Cut back on wheat. Flaxseeds are brilliant for constipation. Activia yogurt is also very helpful. Try these things religiously and you will notice an improvement. Report back in a week 😀

Lainy01 in reply to marthaalice

Thank you.

Have you tried Movicol rather than Sennakot? The senna seems a bit heavy duty every night, and Movicol is safer for long term use as the bowel doesn't seem to get used to it.

Lainy01 in reply to binks

I tried movicol once as a clear out as recommended in an ibs book. I took the whole box over a 6 hour period and didn't even have a bm but thanks for the suggestion.

I am reluctant to begin the medication route.

With IBS-D I found the trigger to be Eggs in there whole form not in cakes and also aubergine with skin awful, without not so bad.

With bloating and wind I think it's coffee/tea, giving it a try this week going cold turkey to see if it helps.

Has anyone else tried this?

marthaalice in reply to AODO21

I swapped tea and coffee for peppermint tea. Really helped.

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