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Buscopan, omeprazole capsules?

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Am taking 10mg of Buscopan, three times daily and 20mg of omeprazole, twice daily. For my IBS symptoms.

Can anyone advise me how safe are these two drugs over a long period of time and as to whether it is advisable to stop taking them or reduce their amount?

I also have grade two oesophagitis so not sure if either of these tablets flare this. The likelihood of that..?

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Hi Lydia, I've had IBS for over thirty years. I occasionally used Buscopan a few years ago then a few years ago started to get terrible heartburn, it was when I was being treated for Graves Disease and was taking carbimazole and levothyroxine.

I was given omeprazole - quite a large daily dose and pretty much an unlimited prescription. When I read the patient information leaflet I got the impression it was not for long term use but I have since discovered that many people take it long term.

Around the same time (two years ago) I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and given a three month course of steroids which tipped me into being T2 diabetic. Fortunately this was discovered very quickly and I was able to get rid of it with diet and exercise.

I cut out all the junk food I used to be partial to and concentrated on cutting out snacks and junk food and generally improving my diet.

I also went totally gluten free because I had read that it could possibly reduce thyroid antibodies. I also cut out sweets, cakes and biscuits as well as fizzy drinks - I did like Diet Coke. Result was that the heartburn, gut pains I stopped the omeprazole.

I did blood tests regularly and watched my thyroid antibodies plummet so what started out as an experiment is now a lifestyle and I wouldn't want to go back to eating gluten.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about oesophagitis but I'd say cutting out gluten and junk food completely (I've not knowingly eaten gluten in the last two years) I don't eat bread or grains - they really spiked my blood sugar when I had T2 - not even GF breads, I drastically reduced sugary foods and stepped up my exercise - I aim for 10000 steps a day - all that has made an enormous difference to my IBS. I also go to the gym twice a week (very gentle exercise there I have to say) and do Pilates, I haven't used Buscopan or omeprazole for a couple of years.

On the other hand that's just my experience, your body might be totally different, I was determined to get rid of my T2 diabetes (I did) and also to try to reduce my antibodies so I was a woman on a mission.

Have you tried keeping a diary where you list the food you have and how you feel afterwards to find out the sort of thing that makes your IBS worse?

There was some update on eating gluten free food. Suggesting it wasn't such a good idea after all. It is difficult to make a decision when there is such conflicting advice..

I think it's the gluten producing industry fighting back. How can something like that cause all sorts of nasties only for people who are not Coeliac?

Surely their claims would apply to everyone who avoids gluten? In my case I don't eat bread because of the gluten but what if I just didn't like bread?

I simply don't eat food with wheat in it, I bought some nuts from M&S and when I read the ingredients - fortunately before I ate them - wheat was listed - why? My diet is far better since I gave up gluten because I really look at what I'm eating and think about it.

Besides I'd much rather get rid of my thyroid antibodies than eat gluten containing foods and if it helps with my other autoimmune conditions - I've got loads - then it will be worth it for me.

Nope I think the conflicting advice is coming from people who have a vested interest in pushing gluten containing foods.

That sounds sensible. I shall look into this now. Thanks for these details..

Hi Lydia,

Only the Buscopan is to help with your IBS symptoms.

Omeprazole is for treatment of your oesophagitis as it reduces the acid refluxing from your stomach. I also take two 20mg capsules a day for reflux, but I take both together first thing in the morning which works better for me than two separate doses. You could try doing that, but If it still doesn't work well for you, ask your doctor if you can try a different drug - there are several out there.

Many people take Omeprazole (or similar) for years on end although, of course, if your symptoms improve, you can reduce the dose accordingly.

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Is it possible to come off omprazole completely? Without it affecting your oesophagitis?

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If you're still getting symptoms of oesophagitis, they'll worsen if you stop taking it as your stomach acid won't be suppressed at all.

I suggest you talk to your doctor before you do anything else.

I don't know about the tablets but try going off all carbs for a month, no fruit. Take apple cider vinegar in the morning and a probiotic later in the day.. do not lie down for T least two hours after eating. See if your symptoms improve. 😘

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Lydia1960 in reply to denvajade

Thanks for this tip. I will give it a go, but long term that would be a very restricted diet...?

No it wouldn't, or it needn't be restrictive at all. I get carbs from vegetables rather than from bread and high carb foods.

Like denvajade I also tried apple cider vinegar for a while and I take a daily probiotic every now and again, always after I've taken antibiotics.

Once I got my diet sorted out the acid reflux disappeared and I gave up the omeprazole. I just didn't fancy taking that forever if I could do something about it.

I forgot to say I was checked out for helicobactor pylorii when my reflux was bad but it turned out it wasn't that.

I just figure it was the sugar, carbs, chocolate and fizzy drinks in my diet that did it for me.

I will give this diet a go, but it will be very difficult to maintain this, but worth a try..

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denvajade in reply to Lydia1960

Look up in the internet for some fabulous eating plans etc. it's worth it believe you me.

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Lydia1960 in reply to denvajade

Just checked out a low carb diet site online and it does seem like it would bring lots of benefits to one's physical health. Having diabetes type 2 and needing to lose some weight, it would seem like a very good diet to follow. Definitely, I shall be trying it...

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denvajade in reply to Lydia1960

Every morning I whip up 2 eggs pour in a pan like a pan cake, add frozen berries to one side, flip the other side on top and cook. Serve with double cream. 😂 Milk has carbs but cream does not. I have cream in my coffee too. 🙈🙈

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Lydia1960 in reply to denvajade

Sounds lovely. I'll give it a try..

I agree with some of the above. You appear to be confusing the two medicines. Omeoprazole is for acid reflux and has no impact on ibs. If you have ongoing heartburn symptoms take the Omeoprazole . You can regulate the dose yourself within reason. You would be amazed what % of population take Omeoprazole and similar on a long term basis, it's just that we don't advertise it!

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Lydia1960 in reply to Crakkers

So if my acid reflux is under control, I can reduce the amount of omprazole I take daily? To try this and see what happens?

Yep. I vary mind according to what I've eaten, stress levels etc. Generally I am fine on half the prescribed dose.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Crakkers

I shall certainly give that ago...

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Jane2510 in reply to Lydia1960


I have taken lanzaprosole which is a similar tablet for the past 7 years daily - it's not a take when needed tablet you do need to take daily for it to work on reducing acid reflux. I recently had to stop taking it for 2 weeks and again for 2 days before tests and the acid reflux became a nightmare!

The only things to be aware of is that they can in higher doses ( I take 30mg daily but on certain occasions been told by gp to take up to 4 pills) give you the runs!

Have a chat with your doctor if you have concerns regarding taking them.

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Lydia1960 in reply to Jane2510

Will do. I used to take lanzaprosole previously, but they changed it to omeprazole. That's working for me right now, so I'll stick with that, but thanks for the advice..

Pleased to hear that. Lansoprazole for me made me breathless and wheezy so I had to take myself off them it was ok in 3 days now I've not talking them 3-months but the nurse gave me some Omeprazole just 10gm but its left me a bit scared to use them!.

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