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Hi fellow IBS sufferers. I am new to all of this. Not really sure what I am expecting to find on here,maybe someone else who is having the exact same problem as me perhaps. Anyway..

For years I considered myself to suffer with IBS but I never had any pain with it,just found myself going to the toilet an awful lot more when I became anxious,which is a lot. After many years suffering I decided a couple of weeks ago to seek help from my GP. She said when I become anxious,it releases hormones which makes my bowels spasm. And this creates the need to go and urgently. She suggested that I take buscopan as it is an antisposmadic. I've been taking 2 tablets twice a day for about 2 weeks and so far I'm still pooping when I'm anxious. Has buscopan helped for anyone else and what other things are people taking? I am seeking help for my anxiety too as I know that is the root cause.

Any tips would be so helpful. I currently feel and always have that my life is ruled by my stomach.

Thank you 😊

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I used to take Buscopan and still have it at home, it helps me with the spasms but I don't think it does anything to help apart from that. I was given stuff called Normacol last time th I mgs got really bad and I was in severe pain with alternating diarrhoea and constipation. That looked like cat litter and tasted of vanilla but worked well. Stress is my trigger too. I've heard hypnotherapy works well but haven't actually tried it for my IBS although I've tried it in the past and know what to do.

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Hi. I also have similar symptoms as yourself. Buscopan doesn't help me either. I am trying to eat more fruit. I eat lots of veg already. Since I have increased my fibre intake I have been better. It must help as last weekend I skipped fruit, had a takeaway, didn't drink enough water and my stomach was awful. I think this group helps as we know we are not alone. It's a nightmare when I am out and about as I have to know where all the loos are. Good luck to you ☺


Ask to try mebeverine x

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Hi there Crystal,

As you have identified stress as being a trigger for you, that's a good place to start. We can't always act on what happens in our lives, but we can take a step back and get less drawn into the emotional charge. You may find this post helpful as a starting point: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Have a great day,


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I take mebeverine which I am finding helpful, I have the same trouble as you going to the toilet a lot and sometimes it was diareah which fingers crossed the mebeverine has helped to control I can still go to toilet a lot but it is more solid. Anxiety is one of my main causes, and it is a viscous circle. I do sometimes get pain.

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Is it stress that causes your IBS ........ OR IS IT THE IBS CAUSING YOUR STRESS !!!!!

Try sorting your diet instead of taking drugs.

Try the Low FODMAP diet.

Try going Lactose free

Try going Dairy free

Keep trying until your body heals and then your stress may well just fade.

that's how it is for me


Wow thank you all for the responses!! I made another GP appointment today. Unfortunately I can't get in until the beginning of March. So I will continue to take buscopan until then. Taking something is better than nothing.

A couple of you have suggested mebeverine. Have you found there to be any side effects? With my anxiety I always scruitanize side effects to medications before taking them!

Thank you Alison for that link. I m actually interested in meditation,as I know controlled breathing can have a huge impact on anxiety. I will give the link a proper read through when I get a moment. I also find trying to busy myself has the same effect. So for instance chewing gum. It seems to temporarily focus my mind on something else.

Thank you Joe for the suggestion. I can 100% say that it's anxiety that causes my IBS. As when I'm not in any anxious situations,I don't have any need to go to the bathroom. But I'd like some more info on the FODMAP diet if you can recommend any links. Although it's stress that causes it,it wouldn't hurt to try other things.

Thank you all so far for the responses. 😊


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