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First of all please forgive me for not replying to your numerous helpful mails, but have been very ill with nausea and dreadful back pain, nausea being the worst of the lot, and I think its called impacting and I have lost no end of weight which is great, but not this way either, and on top of everything else I now am told I have Pre-diabetes and my last blood count which Doctor took at my home was 9.1 which is a worry and yet yesterday my HH who was once a Nurse took it and I was 4.9. I am on a strict diet and now the same weight as I was at 21 but now 77 so pleased with myself. Can anyone please advise me whether Omeprazole, Laxido and Zantac can be taken or will impact on each other? Also take Tramadol/Paracetamol for Muscula Skeletral injuries, Bendroflumethiazide and Propraninol - its funny I do not rattle. Not really tried Zantac yet but find Buscopan great but with Laxido gives me the runs. My lovely new GP took me off Anti-inflam tablets as soon as I joined his Surgery and is of the opinion that after taking for 20 years this has caused ulceration of the oesophagus and stomach lining, had no reviews or warnings from my last Surgery and had been with them 40 years, but the damage is done. I know I am ready for the knackers yard or Dignitas, but my spirit is willing at 77 even if my flesh is weak as the saying goes and want to beat my dear late Mother who lived to 84! as have a lot more living to do and do not feel more than 35 except cannot do stuff. All the Very Best to everyone and God's Richest Blessings in the way of good health which is the MOST IMPORTANT GIFT in 2019 and thanks for writing all of you. It was not a case of being ungrateful or ignoring your lovely mails, just was feeling very rough.

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Hi there. If you are worried you should ask your doctor first. They have way more knowledge than anyone on here. Or at least one would hope so.

But while you are waiting to ask them the following website is handy:

That link will take you straight to one of your drugs, but you can look up the others alphabetically and use the "interactions" tab to see if any of your other drugs are reacting with each other.

Well done your doc getting you of the anti-inflams. Those are way too destructive to take long term.

Hello - I can't advise much about certain medications but I took omeprazole, domperidone and laxido together when I suffered with my stomach ulcers and IBS C and I never had any issues! Best to have a quick chat with your doctor about it all if you are concerned about taking certain ones together! x

Safest to check with your doctor can be done usually with a telephone appointment nowadays.

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