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I was told by my doctor a few months ago that all the stomach problems i've been having are likely caused by IBS. Since then i have had an ultrasound scan but no closer to a definitive answer. I have an appointment to see a bowel specialist beginning of September to finally find out what i have.

In the meantime, my doctor prescribed me some Laxido to take at 1 a day to see if that helps my symptoms. From the first sachet i took i felt instantly bloated and have started going to the loo less than normal (which wasn't very often to begin with) after 4 days of the same issues, i rang my doctors to leave a message as to whether i should up my dose or try something else. my doctor said i should try 2 a day for 3 days and then put 4 sachets in 1/2 pint of water and drink over 4 hours for 3 days before going back to 2 a day.

Today is my first day of the 4 sachets and there has been no change in the time i've been taking them. I'm going less than i was before i started taken them, i'm still getting the abdominal pain and although my stool has softened (sorry for the tmi) nothing else is happening.

I have had heachaches/migraines since the first day i started on them and don't know what is best to do? should i stop taking them or is there something else i can take with them?

I know i've had constipation for many years (and without any treatment. i am overweight and have a bad diet with not alot of fibre) and only seem to get a little relief from the pain and sometime a little bm when i push in to my bladder. there is a sensation there when i press it and not in a painful way but it's hard for me to describe.

I'm starting to wonder, although i have many of the symptoms of IBS whether it's something else. I guess i'm not going to find out till September but in the meantime this pain and lack of BM is driving me crazy.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • I had the problem as you for many years and medicine like laxido did not help and made me bloated too. The best thing for chronic constipation is high does of magnesium citrate or oxide. They work by drawing water into the bowel. You get no cramps like other conventional laxatives. I take about 600 to 1000mg at night before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water. It has solved my problem. Even my gastroentologist recommend it. Give it a try. It must be citrate or oxide though.

  • Thank you i will .I've been told i may have a Magnesium deficiency so that is on my list of Vitamins to start taking. ...

    My doctor has since prescribed me some Fybogel to take with the Laxido after diagnosing me with overflow diarrhoea/Fecal Impaction... Not took them yet but hopefully they will start working soon.

  • Hey I suffer with constipation and I take laxido but that makes me really bloated and makes me feel worser than constipation sometimes how do I get magnesium citrate or oxide do I need to go back to my doctor

    Thanks sophie x

  • Look at your diet. From experience don't expect a final diagnosis. Be prepared to be let down time and time again. Having suffered with ibs for 30 years you need to look at your lifestyle and make some changes to it. Diet stress anxiety depression alcohol medication. Just saying don't rely on the medics. Self help is vital. I recently stopped taking the pill and found that helped to. I take no meds now. Also on a gluten free diet. It's helping me. Good luck

  • Hi my doctor was useless I list 4 St in a couple of weeks I went private and they found a ulcer and gall stones in one visit I spent 6 months with my doctor not even a examination

  • Hopefully your September appointment will provide some answers and solutions. Meanwhile, whatever the cause you clearly need some symptom relief; drinking lots of water and eating water based fruit like red melon can help with constipation, as can exercise and eating little and often to give your body a chance to digest and rest. I one sachet of Laxido in 250mls water morning and night and have an enema every few days if I think I need it. This works well for me but it's not for everyone. 4 sachets in such a small amount of water sounds a bit odd. Have you tried stomach massage? Obviously I'm not a medical professional, I am just sharing what helps me. I was told I had IBS for years and have recently been told it's diverticulitis.

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