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IBS or something else? Any advice welcome!!

Hello! I'm 22 years old and for two years now I have been suffering. Unlike common ibs sufferers I have researched on I don't get episodes or bouts, I get my symptoms everyday all day. Regardless! And it is not getting worse with more symptoms!

My symptoms:

Severely bloated/dissented uncomfortable stomach everyday regardless of food but is worse with food, I have a whole album full of photos

Dull pain in my abdomen lower left side with episodes of strong dull pain and the worst pain yet episodes of sharp stabbing pain to the point I can't stand sit or lay when this pain occurs it is on my ribs and back also.

I go through motions of being very very constipated and times where it is almost diarrhoea like but still whole just has to be emptied as soon as possible, which when I start to know I need to pass a bm gives my great stomach cramps and makes me feel sick and nausea. I also feel incomplete and like I need to go still.

I also have noticed two joint small lumps on anus, which give me no pain or itching. And I have had a hemeroid before and this is nothing alike, but not saying it isn't one. When I am constipated it bulges out more and covers anus, like a barrier.

I am constantly tired and have no energy I get dizzy everyday, and get that light headed feeling when standing up everyday. And short of breath eg climbing stairs! I was a very fit person with a psychical job, horse ride and running but not find it to tiring.

My new symptoms are

bloods clots when passing stool, although 100% from the front and not bottom. I also pass a lot of bile/ mucus and mucus coloured clots when passing stool and also noticed swelling of my front genital when passing stool.

I haven't had a period for three months! Going on four.... Previously have very regularly periods.

After I had my daughter and lost baby weight back to normal, 10st few months down the line I lost 2 stone for no reason 8st . Eating normal same routine. And the following year in March when changed job and put a few pounds back on 9st and now last few months I am proceeding to loose weight again and bmi dropping, 8st 3lbs.

Eating hurts no matter what I eat, i have tried gluten, dairy and wheat free, fodmap diet, you name it I've tried it. No lie within minutes of eating I feel full and my stomach has swelled as if I was pregnant again!

There is so much to remember I have probably forgotten something!

Okay so I have been to the doctors countless times in two years.

Have my bloods tested for thyroid, anemia, gluten intolerance, and something else which has slipped my mind.

I have been given all the tablets related with ibs to try with no avail

I have been on laxido.

After a year and a half of going back and forward to the doctors been told it was ibs and just deal with it !! I finally got referred to a gastronolist at hospital.

Which I thought great answers! But not just as awful as the doctors! Didn't even examine me. Just talked. Said yes ibs and tried to go talk me into the stress and depression route. No fill stop. I no there is a lot of controversy with ibs but no no no my symptoms are everyday all day not caused by stress!

Had an ecg taken, and I am now going back on the 11th November for a colon X-ray i have to take tablet on 6th of November which contains balls and will show up on X-ray.

He also told me he will see me in a year.... Not what I wanted to hear after waiting so long to see him, he gave me an endless list of laxatives to try.

I'm at a loss this is affecting my life, and my job I need answers! Please any advice!

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Did u have a colonoscopy? Also,please take a deep breath.You have found this website to help you out. IBS CANNOT be cured or treated in one day. I know the doctors arent savvy about IBS. For now, is it possible for you to start eating healthier every week? Some big triggers may be fried foods,for example.You may want to start a daily food diary. Write down what you eat all day and write down how it makes you feel.

When I found out I had IBS, I GAVE UP all dairy.

I also started to drink only warm to hot water all day long.

Stress is a factor for me. I have noticed that sometimes when I get just a little upset,my stomach will start hurting. IMO,IBS IS SOMETHING we get from eating unhealthy foods and stress. I also guess, I feel very unlucky when it comes to my DNA. MY mom died of colon cancer. This is why its impt. To get all hospital tests to rule out many diseases,such as celiac disease, chrons diease,celiac diease.

Learn all you can about IBS AND TRY TO FIND A DOCTOR WHO IS KIND TO YOU. Thank goodness you found this website. You will get alot of help here. Please dont give up. IBS CAN BECOME manageable. Its an awfully terrible problem that we all are facing together. I felt like I was going to die so many times because of the pain. Please know this group is here to help you. And you did the right thing about coming to this group. Please keep talking here. Most of all,try to find a nice,empathetic doctor.

Sending you lots of love and light.


Ps:-try to live one moment at a time. Its a slow process but keep breathing and talking.


Hello thank you for replying!!

Unfortunately I haven't, when I went to go see the gastronolist he said the only symptom that was worrying him was the blood clots well he said bleeding, he said he can examine me do a colonoscopy, enama and something else, but I told him repeatedly it was clots and wasn't from my bottom so he said, if it's not from your bottom he won't put me through, which I was disappointed.

I can't eat any healthier I am a very healthy active person. Unfortunately whatever is going on has caused me to not eat "hot" meals as I can't coped with the pain and can not stand up afterwards, it's hard to explain, but I have tried cutting various out of my diet and fodmap diet none of which has worked

If I'm honest I wish it wasn't ibs I can't suffer from this everyday and know that nothing can't be down, I'm so sorry you suffer from it to and sorry about your mum :( I just feel on everything I have read on forums and health websites mine doesn't come in bouts or spells or when stressed it is everyday regardless

Yeah I've been tested for celiac disease, thyroid, anemia and something else which has slipped my mind

Thank you so much for replying I'm very grateful and it's a massive relief being able to talk to someone


My IBS is also all the time not in bouts. I had it for 25 years before I tried Fodmaps. When you did it how long did you try. I think it took me nearly a year and four years later I still only eat Fodmaps food and now have almost no symptoms. No medication except very occasional Imodium if I eat something like an ice cream or find Ive eaten something with onion in by mistake.

Do go gluten and dairy free and try Fodmaps again. It does take time but it certainly works for me. Good luck.

By the way the best thing to do is get the Monash University app as it is then with you when shopping and eating out etc so you can refer to the guide all the time you want to. They mark all Fodmaps foods with a green symbol so easy to follow.

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I would like to follow you but my follow button isnt working. I want to know more about Fodmap and Monash University. Can u please follow me? Feel free to read my bio.

Thanks.Have a blessed day.



You really need to have a colonoscopy

Ask to be referred to a different hospital

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Do you think, I really wished the doctor at hospital had gone through with it, I will see if anything comes from the colon X Ray and if not will ask

Thank you for your reply appreciate it :)

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As everyone else has said IBS is for life unfortunately. Everyone has different combinations of symptoms and triggers which change over time. I have had IBS for 28 years the first 3 were a living nightmare time off work hospital visits suggested appendicitis etc etc. However you need to take your food right back to plain basics and start with one food at a time in small portions. Give your body time to react anything up to a week. Look at your life there could be something there which is more stressful than you want to admit. Mine was getting married which is meant to be a happy time. Keep your fluids up plain warm water as someone else has said does help.

28 years on I can go years without an episode but then I slip foods I shouldn't eat suddenly become the norm and my IBS is there reminding me it's not gone but was just being managed... stress plays a huge part and you do get better at identifying what your body considers stressful even if you don't.

The fod map is a good starting point but again it will need tweaking for you. I can't eat anything citrus but it is on the list.

You have to invest in you to find the answers. Plenty of people can give advice.

Try gently massaging your stomach following the lines of your intestines instead of rubbing I know it looks silly but if it helps who cares.

Good luck


Hello Chantelle1994

So sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly. I too have been like you in the past in fact since the age of 6yrs and I am now 60. I have tried giving up just about everything over the years without complete relief so I know how frustrating and debilitating it can be. This year my GP referred me to an expert Low Fodmap dietician. Challenging but it really does help as long as you dont cheat. I now only eat food I make from scratch so that there are no hidden horrors. I could not have done it without the guidance of the dietician though as everything you read on the web i contradicting. I have also discovered that not all symptoms are due to food but that stress and tension are a huge factor with me. I spoke to my dietician about this and she has now referred me for counselling. If I can overcome the psychological side with help and guidance of the councilor I will be in control and be able to live my life at last. Good luck to you try not to get too despondent and get the guidance you need.


I really feel for you. I have IBS & severe diverticular disease . I use colonic irrigation daily at home obtained thro' NHS. Still in pain every day. Eating Kippers or mackarel at lunch has helped. Good luck with your life - I am 74 but still want more from life.


Sorry you are feeling so unwell.

Has your GP checked you for any sort of pelvic organ prolapse? That might explain the bulge.


When you say blood clots coming from the front do you mean vagina? Has the symptoms changed since you had a baby? The point being you mentioned you use to Horse Ride. I think perhaps you have also a prolapsen womb. .which may be causing some of the symptoms . Have it checked just in case.


Hello, yes sorry I do mean that, but I only have had three occasions of blood clots, and only during bowl movement, and the rest is mucus clots during bowl movement, and aw no my symptoms have just got worse over the last three months my daughter is two years old :) but thank you I will look into that and see what it says X


Hi Chantelle1994

I think you must go back to your GP and get referred back to the gastroenterologist.your symptoms are unlikely to be ibs.passing mucus and clots could be ibd-inflammatory bowel disease which is different to ibs.you might need a colonoscopy to findout this.please push to get re-referred.



It seems to me you need to have a referral to a Gynecologist as a matter of priority. Ovarian Cysts etc., can cause trouble with your bowels too and especially since your periods have stopped and you are losing blood clots when straining to poo from your front end. I will repeat again what many others have said IBS cannot be diagnosed, but other things must be ruled out. I think your Uterine health needs looking at to rule out a problem there.

Wishing you well



I'm sorry to hear your pain, as I too went thru the same issues. I had gone to a second doctor for a second opinion and they did a stool sample and found i had c-difficile which is a bacterial infection. Some bacterial infections don't always show up in first stool samples. If you are having dark or black stools and or liquidy stools this is a sign of some sort of infection. As your body fights off this infection it also kills off the good bacteria as well ,resulting in constant urge to go as your body wants to expel the bad bacteria. I am not a doctor, but this is what i went thru as well. Have your gastro doctor do some stool samples. I later found that after taking anti-biotics for infection that i had become lactose intolerant, as my stomach flora had the lactase reduced to where i couldn't digest any dairy. Dairy free is not what people expect, you find dairy in foods you would not expect, like flavorings in chips or sauces. Read carefully ingredients of food and drink you consume. To counter this, i found over the counter lactase pills which helped me tremendously as now i can have dairy again and no longer have that sudden urge to relieve my bowels . I also have stopped eating foods with corn syrup as a sweetener which you find in most sodas and other foods used as a cheap sweetener. some farming of corn uses experimental pesticides and herbicides, which i believe they have no clue as to how these effect a persons digestive tract. Some companies use these products without notifying the public of their use, and governments don't monitor these products as they should before public consumption. As i had said i was going thru the same terrible issues you are currently going thru, and am now feeling 100% better. Give this some time as it takes time to reset your body as it won't happen over night. It took weeks before i felt better. I hope this is useful and i hope you feel better soon again. Good luck


Hi there, I have read through a lot of the replies to which they are very sound advice. I would certainly insist on a Colonoscopy as you are certainly getting symptoms which warrant having one. Are you able to change doctor? My doctor has been more than sympathetic.

I wish you all the very best for the future and really hope and pray something works for you and very soon.

Take care



Hi there, like somebody above I would insist that you see a gynaecologist and have an ultrasound. I had bad digestive problems, which were related to a large genealogical growth, which was not picked up on for many months. It turned out to be a rare ovarian cancer, which was successfully removed and didn't need chemo. The digestive aspects of ovarian cancer, feeling immediately full etc are not widely known. Sorry ....dont want to frighten you...but better be safe, and create a fuss till you get seen.


Just the weight loss in itself should be a red flag to a doctor. I paid for an ultrasound privately as things were moving so slowly and was very glad that I did. Going privately although expensive, can get you better faster treatment. Perhaps £120 see consultant and then £300 for ultrasound. Again hoping not sounding overdramatic but your doctors do not seem to be taking your symptoms seriously. And hoping for you it is just a prolapse or similar


Hello, sorry I must of missed that comment I will have a look and oh really, that would be a different route to go into, as no doctors have mentioned anything except ibs :( I have myself done brief research on it and did wonder as some of my symptoms relate with that more then they do ibs, do you know the symptoms and affects it has? And do you know if the colon X-ray I am waiting to have will cover any of this

Than you X


hi again, I agree totally with what sar2262 says above, your symptoms could definitely be related to a gynae problem. Feeling full and bloated after eating little is the main one. It could also be digestive which is confusing things, but the gynae needs discounting first. You should see a female doctor asap, tell them all symptoms and get a pelvic exam done. They can feel for lumps and prolapse. I think an xray can show lumps as long as covering right area. An ultrasound showed my ovarian cyst/cancer and I've had yearly ct scans as follow up to to make sure it hasn't come back. Please make a big fuss till you get proper investigation. They've had a recent advertising campaign in docs about ovarian cancer, bloating being main symptom. Really don't want frighten you, and you could just as easily have a digestive problem, but the gynae needs to be discounted and I would say to docs you have symptoms and want investigated asap. That should shake them up a bit.


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