For the last year and 5 months I have suffered with severe gas. It has got to the point where for the last year I have had to lie down on the floor and physically pump at my stomach in order to be able to get the gas and anything else out. I can't eat during the day apart from sweets and fortijuice and eat once at night before having movicol to push everything through in the morning. After I eat I get severe pain and lots of fluid moves straight through to my rectum. When I say severe wind, it constantly comes out. I have to pump at my stomach and pass gas over 100 times a day and whilst I am on the toilet waves of gas come out. Once I have finished pumping at my stomach in the morning I can go the whole day until I eat in the evening without lying on the floor. Has anyone ever had anything like this or have any advice to solve it? I have had a selenium test, bile malabsorption test, colonoscopy, endoscopy, hydrogen breath test and the doctors still don't know what it is. I do have rapid transit and when I used to eat in the day, if I needed to go to the toilet I would have diarrhoea but then it would get stuck and I'd be pumping at my stomach until four in the morning. I am on symprove, have tried VSL3, don't tolerate gluten well, have a lactase enzyme when I have dairy and am on a low fibre and low fodmap diet. Please someone help.

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  • Its not stress that's doing it is it?

  • I'm not sure - I have been to see someone who helps to deal with stress and anxiety but they believed it to be more physical than mental, whereas the gastro team said that help mentally would really help. Ultimately, everything he told me didn't work unfortunately. Thank you very much though!

  • There has to be a solution.. sorry I cant help more.

  • thank you so much I'll definitely have a read - Maybe something like some fibre but not too much and regular meal times would help!

  • It works for me, I have fibre in the mornings (fruit and fibre) and it seems to help me. If my stomach does get bad I eat a banana and it does the job usually. but you need to eat regular, if you are not eating enough you might be having a belly full of gas?

  • The gas is there regardless of whether I eat or not and it constantly comes out in the morning when I have to lie down on the floor. The problem was that when I was eating in the day and not just at night it would get stuck and the gas would mean that despite the urge to go to the toilet, nothing would come out until I lay down and pushed it through then it would be type D but thanks for the advice!

  • You are welcome.

  • I take colpamin for bloating which seems to clear my air and gas. Buy it over the counter but I think you can get it on prescription, I suffer with colitis and have to watch what I eat. Corn and wheat cause me problems. Best of luck

  • I've tried colpermin and haven't found it to have made any difference but thank you for the suggestion!

  • Hi there, What worked for me as first step was essential oil of exotic basil. I was bloated up 2 dress sizes every day and I know what you mean by pumping:) The essential oil helped release the tension and let the gas out.

    Understanding the cause of the bloating will be useful to you to move forward. Have a look at my post on food intolerance: especially the video.

    Hope this helps,


  • I never actually get bloated though - the gas is constantly coming out and being produced at a very excessive rate and every time I push against the front of my stomach or sit on the toilet my stomach makes these horrible squelching noises and I keep having to pump the gas out! I don't have a problem with it coming out it just constantly does - do you know of anything to stop this please?

  • Well the exotic basil may help with that, but you really need to get to the cause of the gas. The second link in my reply above explains what is creating the gas and what to look out for in food products.


  • I have tried the low fodmap diet already and am still on it and have only found gluten and dairy to be triggers - whatever I eat on the low fodmap diet has no difference on the gas but thank you

  • Have you been tested for Candida and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth?

  • I have been tested for SIBO, although I am not sure about a methane or candida test - I'll ask my consultant, thank you!

  • I see you have had a hydrogen breath test. What about a methane test (different strains of bacteria)?

  • Do have a look at The gluten you are reacting to may actually be a reaction to fructans, present in other foods.


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