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Diarrhoea out of the blue?

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Does anyone suffer from the odd bout of unexplained diarrhoea which just comes on out if the blue? Although I have suffered from ibs type symptoms for years and have all day grumbling, gurgling guts, indigestion and wind and evening bloating on an almost daily basis, I usually only go to the toilet once in the morning but a few times a year (usually evening time a few hours after dinner) I will get a once off sudden need to dash off to the toilet. It causes me anxiety as I really can not fathom out what causes it. I stick to a basic (mainly low fodmap) diet and will not eat food which I know will trigger symptoms. I had this last night, I never feel ill with it and am sure it’s not a bug as I have no tummy pain or sickness and it’s mainly only once. I get this between 2-5 times a year which I know is infrequent but still worries me. Does anyone else experience this type of thing?

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Yes I get it every so many few days, it just comes out of no where and by the next day it’s usually gone. I also get the daily grumbling, gurgling gut and indigestion and wind problems mainly in the evening when I feel bloated and can’t break wind.

I get that too, I’m trying peppermint tea at the mo, can’t say I enjoy it but am willing to try anything.

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I love peppermint tea and I find it nice and soothing.

Yes I get sudden urgent diarrhea randomly every 5 or 6 days after a meal. No particular meal time or foods trigger it and it is very inconvenient and does make it difficult to go out to eat. This has been happening for about the last four years but as I am otherwise healthy I accept it. I been diagnosed with diverticulitis and have constant wind but I can live with it. Check it out with your doctor if you are worried.

Yes, I suffer with the same thing. No warning, just have to dash to the loo when my stomach spasms - about every six days. I, too, have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and just have to live with it I suppose. Usually I take a codeine phosphate tablet after these bouts and my stomach settles down. It's all very disconcerting and can happen after I have not eaten anything which I know irritates my bowels so cannot pin it down to any particular food....

Yes -I get this sometimes, certainly more often than 2-5 times a year. I don't think it matters what I eat when it happens --it seems random/


Yes its happened to me many times and most times its stress thats behind it or something I ate that disagrees with me or occasionally no reason at all just one of those things that can happen.

Yes i kept a food/mood etc diary to try to work out patterns as I find this the most difficult aspect of ibs - I found ibuprofen, fructose and to some extent lactose products plus stress seems to cause problems for me . Happily it's happening much less now that I've identified some of the issues

Thanks all, glad I’m not alone. My stomach won’t stop growling, it’s driving me insane. Doesn’t help that I’m quite anxious atm. I’m popping to my gp to get it checked out.

Hi there

It could possibly be down to stress/anxiety, my IBS is always worse when I'm mentally challenged.

Just a thought.


When you have confirmed IBS you can expect the rush to the loo to happen but as so many fellow sufferers have said it happens to them more often (in my case about every 3 weeks) and mine happens after lunch which catches me out mid day. I have learned to manage it if I am going out for the day. As Alicia says could it be stress that is causing your problems?

Yes, this happens to me relatively frequently. I'll have diarrhea (almost entirely liquid) followed by a solid movement. Whatever I'm eating doesn't agree with me but I can't find the trigger or cause at all, which is frustrating. It's not preceded by stomach cramping either. I'm going to keep a stress/food diary once and for all! Best of luck!! xx

Yes happens to me. I've discovered its to do with certain fermentation in the gut where the wind strikes first and is really smelly and after a period of time have to dive to the loo where it shoots out rapidly and the stench is bad. Try thinking if you have eaten any sugary foods or chip shop chips.?

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Within the last 48 hours

I couldn’t think of anything unusual that I had eaten, I’m very careful of what I eat and have been following the low fodmap diet but i did have a small amount of hazelnut chocolate which I have had quite a few times with no problems. It’s so annoying that I can eat one thing one day and am fine then another time I seem to get symptoms, it makes no sense to me but I have been very stressed recently so maybe the combination of the two didn’t agree with me! My ibs causes me loads of stress and is worse during a flare up so I then end up in this vicious cycle of stress/worry/symptoms/anxiety etc, arrgghh just when I think I maybe getting somewhere I’m back to square one 😐

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