Gross flatulence, help!!

Hi there,

I suffer from really bad gas which is really really smelly lately. It doesnt seem to matter what i eat its always a problem. Has anyone found anything that helps with this?? Im going to start taking a probiotic when I can decide which one to try. Anyone have any suggestions on a good strain for gas and firming up loose stool?? I tend to be a little better with less gas when my stools are more formed instead of loose.

Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  • I wish I had the answer. I also have the same problem and have tried lots of different things. Even low Fodmap didn't help. I have started drinking Kefir , for the couple of days to see if it helps.

    I need fibre but fibre makes it soooo much worse.

  • I had that too. A food allergist suggested it was a yeast issue, along with dairy, both of which I have avoided for nearly 8 weeks. It has gone, but I hesitate to say completely, as with IBS and diverticulosis, anything can happen! Get re-tested this week, so will find out if anything has changed.

  • Forgot to say I was already on probiotics and feel that I may have to up my dose.

  • My bad gas was reduced to virtually nil when I cut out all wheat

  • I followed a 4 week diet plan by Jeanette Hyde nutritionist called The Gut Makeover. It helped immensely, it's not easy as very much an elimination diet but reading her book helped me understand how important the diet is in controlling ibs.

  • yes,there is a product called simethicone. it is used to break up gas bubbles in the stomach, and intestines. you take 1 right after you eat and it helps relieve the gas issuses. i also found that taking to many probiotics can cause gas issues as well, i think by them saying taking them is good for you, but like anything i believe its only good for you in moderation. try cutting back the probiotic for a few days and see what happens, it worked for me. ask your doctor for a anxiety medication if you feel anxious or constantly nervous over the issue to help calm you down, stress adds to the bad side effects as well. good luck i hope this helps you out

  • Fodmap foods.

  • Activated charcoal capsules will deoderise your flatulence, but it will make your motions go black ! It doesn't look good, but really helps.

  • Yells

    Try eating more starch fibre which is soluble, rather than lots of beans, greens, cabbage which is insoluble fibre and passes through the gut and can be "smelly" cut down on diary, wheat and fats, so basically lots of potatoes, white rice, carrots, butternut which will help make a firm stool

    Hope it helps


  • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!! This is great advice, thanks again😊

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