nervous stomach and gastritis (IBS?)

Just had an endoscopy and my diagnosis is nervous stomach with mild gastritis (I do not have constipation or diarrhea). The gastro did throw in "IBS" even though I don't have D or C. I only had two attacks in 5 months of severe gas and bloating lasting a few days each time. Now I'm thinking it's not food related and I can go back to my normal diet which didn't cause an issue for a few months until my second attack. He did have no problem with the Fodmap diet when I told him I was trying it, and I don't know if that is stopping my gas and bloating and gastritis. Very confused. Thank you anyone for advice

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  • Hey there

    Similar to me ......endoscopy revealed gastritus and HH in too of stomach...all other tests cleared me of ususals it's IBS

    I get minimal diahorrear and constipation ......but bad bad stomach pains and killer aches pains in back .......

    I think you'll find. It's food related.....and also,stress.....I kept eating stuff I thought was ok but it builds up.......then it hits you ......go,FODMAP and be sensitive to the responses you get.......otherwise,the cycle,will,continue


  • Thank you nvp100, I too get awful back pain (gas?) and pain on left side (burning) - and am now keeping a food diary. Been normal for three weeks now from following fodmap (not perfectly though). Yes, I now believe it is a build up of certain foods (I was eating Pad se ew Thai food and figured after one day it was safe and then ate it two days later and bam......something must be in it). Thank you again.

  • no worries............this morning i had a full blooded real mug of coffee and full cream milk.............doubled up for 2 hours until it was washed out with water and exrcise ..........we all fall off the wagon !

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