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Been suffering with gastritis and IBS for a year, still in pain, please help!!


Hi all,

I am hopeless everyone but I hope to get some kind of tips from you maybe... I have been suffering with severe cramps, gastritis, nausea and IBS since last year, was in such a pain that I had to go back to France and get myself checked there as everything was so slow here. Had a pre-cancerous polyp removed and I was told I was lucky it was found at the right time. Now I am back in London, I am on Amitryptilin 5mg , Omeprazole 20mg and now the GP wants me to try Duloxitin. I prefer to try natural remedies first. Been on the Fodmap diet and still don't know what food to avoid or take...Doing yoga helps a bit, but I get really scared each time the pain comes. Did all tests and showed gastritis and colitis. Does anyone have had similar problems? Can you suggest me any natural treatment? Thank you for your help. Fara

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Hi there, I have the same issues, have had IBS since I was 9, am now 35. So for a long time. 😢 diagnosed with gerd a couple years later, esophageal spasms in high school and the gastritis in my 20s, long trip. lol! With no help form any of the meds, they might help at first, but then after less that six months nothing. The best thing I found so far, is full fat Greek yogurt, however, I now have gallstones, so I can't eat it now, till after I have the gallbladder removed. Stay away from NSAIDs, and anything acidic, pineapple, soda, tomatoes, oranges, grapes. I will be watching this thread, if you find anything that helps, let me know!


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Thanks for getting back. I hope you get better soon. I am thinking of trying Chinese medicine. Have you ever tried it?

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No, I have not. I do get OMT which is Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, which is kind of like a cross between Chiropractic and Massage Therapy done by an actual doctor. But that is mostly for all the other health problems I have too. The docs have pretty much given up on most of my digestive tract issues, well on everything really, cause I'm allergic to almost everything. Here's hoping it helps you!


Hi Fara,

I live in Rennes. I had IBS for years and have finally beaten it without meds.

You may find something on my blog helps you move forward, like this:

It seems that your body is warning you that your current lifestyle is not at all good for you and maybe not in line with your values. I know this is not what you what to hear, but it needs to be said - and really heard.

I would seriously recommend seeing a local Reiki (energy) practitioner who will be able to rebalance your body (hopefully in a few sessions). This should help improve things for a while. But ultimately you need to have a good look at what set this in motion.


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Hi Alison,

Merci beaucoup! Thanks for the info , I agree that it might be lifestyle related , my worry now is that a new medication the gp wants to put me on , called Duloxetine/cymbalta another anti-depressant...I went to a magnetiseur when I went back in France, I didn't see any change to be honest but that was 2 years ago , before my problem started. Sorry for the late reply , I just saw an email but your message/

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Just an idea for you. I was prescribed antidepressants but I did not want to go that way. I found that plant-based meds were a good substitute. I'm thinking of Euphytose or others you can get over here containing valerian. They can get you through a bad patch.


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Thank you ! Ill have a look at them. I have never heard of them. When I go to the GP she sees me crying . And i cry because of the pain but I guess she thinks I have anxiety....

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