IBS- bloating & gurgling stomach

Has anyone else found a solution or are taking anything to help with bloating and a gurgling stomach? I have been including gluten and wheat free products like cheese, milk, butter etc into my diet for about the last 4 months or so. I have noticed that the bloating has reduced since having wheat & gluten free products into my diet. I have also tried difference tablets but not had much luck.

I thought I would mention that I first noticed my ibs when I was taking paracetamol and codeine (described from my last doctor) as well as ibuprofen for really bad chronic back pain etc. after waiting for about 12 months I was finally given an MRI scan (2014), which came back that I have got a bulging disk and trapped nerve (L4,L5) of my lower back. By the time I saw a back surgeon last year, my back had improved a lot luckily as I was quite close to having an operation on my lower back.

Sorry if I have rubbled on and appreciate any suggestions etc.


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  • Have you looked into the possibility that SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) might be causing your problems?

  • Hi nedds, thank you for your reply. I have recently had blood tests for lots of different things and the one test was to test for like bacterial problems. All the blood tests I have had have come back fine.

    I am having an ultrasound scan next week on my stomach, so will see what they say than. I do think this will come back normal to be fair.

    My stomach last night and this morning, does feel like it is falling apart, as I have been having quite bad cramping pains again etc.

  • hi Katie, I hope you find a solution and help soon. Just to mention that the test for SIBO is a breath test.

  • Thank you

  • Try garlic andarsley tablets for a month and a goodrobiotic

  • Hi denvajade , thank you for your reply, I have tried a couple of probiotics, not sure if they have done much though

  • Probiotics meant to write.

  • hi

    codeine isnt good for ibs sufferers. could try no peel in fruit or potatoes and eliminate cabbage, cail, sprouts,beans n peas .All give me bloating.



  • Hi grahamrupertrules, thank you for your reply, I totally agree with you, as I have mentioned in my post above, I was on strong pain killers to help control the pain etc I get with my back problem. Looking back especially when the pain was really bad and I couldn't walk properly etc, I wished I didn't take the pain killers as I think this was like the trigger, starting of my ibs as that's when I first noticed my ibs symptoms. I have also read that if you take the skins of vegetables and fruits for example this also helps ease symptoms.

  • hi

    iv also found prawns a problem.Antibiotics make ibs worse. logically your ibs should go if your not on pain killers n antibiotics.iv cut back on tea coffee to 2 a day and better for it.

    hope yours goes completely. i have a friend whosw went suddenly after a message from someone he hardly knew.Gods healing i reckon.

  • Hi , painkillers and medication certainly doesn't help, glad you have had some relive. I think it's abit off trial and error, not eating foods that make symptoms worse. and again we are all different so what one food may suit one person won't suit somebody else. I'm sure and hope not just me but , you and other people who suffer with ibs can get our symptoms under control or get rid of them all together.

  • IBS has flared up again , same symptoms - burping, stomach feels bloated, stomach gurgling

    ( strange noises) theses are some of the symptoms I have. Had a number of tests , think I have been tested for everything under the sun. All so far has come back normal- gp is finally referring me to a gastrointestinal consultant

    ( think that is how you spell it )

    I was wondering if anyone found seeing a gastrointestinal consultant helpful etc ? If so in what ways ?

    Thank you for taking the time to read.

  • Hi Katie was just looking through forum and noticed this post is a

    Year old , how is your Ibs now? Did you get to see a gastrointestinal consultant ? If so has it been helpful?

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