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IBS, Stomach bug, or both?

Hi all

I've been feeling a bit off for a few days now, and it's not my usual IBS symptoms.

Generally, I'll eat something I shouldn't and immediately be poorly (D, stomach cramps, all that great stuff). By the next day I'll still have cramps but I basically won't have another BM for about 4 days.

This week I started feeling really nauseous and then had D. I've continued to have these 2 symptoms for several days. No cramps or anything. Doesn't matter what I eat.

So my question is - how do I know if this is an IBS flare up or if it's a bug? Or maybe it's both? (Or neither! - this condition is confusing.)

I know that these symptoms are common for IBS as well, so is my IBS maybe just getting worse? Has anyone been in this situation before?

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I would say if it was a bug you wouldnt really be feeling like you want to eat. I would imagine it is a flare up. I would go to the drs and ask for some anti sickness tablets. I was given metoclaporamide

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Hi there, I agree with Hiddenaway as if it was a tummy bug you certainly wouldn't want to eat and would also struggle to even drink water.

My IBS symptoms are different now to what they used to be and my diet hasn't changed. I now buy Lactose free and that seems to be working somewhat. I have also noticed that if I eat dates my tummy plays up (I could eat them before with no problems). As you say this condition is confusing as you never know what you can and cannot eat.

Re nausea, I seem to get this on and off I.e. I had an ice cream yesterday and know I shouldn't have and felt a little nauseous a while afterwards. If the nausea is fairly mild then I have about a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in a little water and drink, yes it's not nice but it certainly works. If the nausea is worse then I will take a travel sick tablet and that works - I'm in the UK and buy Stugeron.

Hope you feel better very soon.

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Difficult to say. I have IBS but also have a stomach bug at moment ( cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and feel weak) . On day 3! So getting better. If you live in UK there is a bug going around at moment and i know it can affect everyone differently. Not everyone gets the fully blown symptoms. I wonder if it worth checking with NHS direct?? Hope you feel better soon. Normally with bugs, you probably wouldn't want to eat, but who knows?....

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Thanks Ellen6. I had wondered because there have been a few people in my office out sick recently (I do live in the U.K.) but I didn't want to ask them what they were sick with!

Hoping that this isn't a bug now and I haven't passed it on to anyone. I guess if no one else gets sick then I can know for sure that it's IBS.


It is really hard to tell sometimes. You could always air on the side of caution, go home, rest up for a few days and they see how you are ?

I googled stomach bugs and parts of the UK have been hit badly. Unusual in summer I think ( summer????!!!! )

Prior to this bug, my previous one was 18 months ago and I and the fully blown symptoms but my partner had just cramps and a touch of diarrhoea.


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