Piles.... ughh

I've had very sore, stinging piles for the past week or so now. I've had internal piles before but I'm pretty sure these are external ones and I haven't felt pain like it before! Sometimes if I move a certain way, it irritates them and I can't hide the tears, I feel like such a weakling but it's so painful. I should also mention that I have leaky gas but it's more blood that is coming out. I've been using Anusol suppositories and cream since last Wednesday or so and I felt there were helping a little until a BM (sorry) and then it would go back to square one. I was using suppositories in the morning and before I went to bed and just topping up the cream the same times and also after each BM. I barely slept last night and was up to the toilet every 2-3 hours. As I had a BM not long after the suppository before going to bed, I put another one in and applied cream and it really stung and was itchy. I thought it would be just for 5 minutes or so but it kept on going. I was in pain for about an hour but eventually got back to sleep. I woke up about 4 hours later (still stinging) and after a BM i applied more cream. The stinging was just unbearable and I had to wash it off. I read a forum online that said that it could mean the piles are 'open' and you shouldn't put cream on them and see a doctor, which I think I'll be doing Monday morning.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm a sufferer of PI-IBS and things were starting to get a little better with my stomach and then this happened! Very frustrating... any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi STC789,I've suffered with piles for 50yrs after my first baby,had them on and off ever since. BUT,I was once told to try germoloids Suppositories,and they are brilliant,so first sighn of them now I use them.Best to use one in a morning and one at bedtime,believe me after one day you will feel so much better. As for the bleeding that could be the piles. But that's all I've ever needed for the last,35-40yrs now.

    If you can't get to see your GP give them a try.

  • Hi Gemini,

    Thank you for your reply. I've heard it affects a lot of people during and after pregnancy, sounds so sore! I'll try Germaloid suppositories. I bought the Anusol ones and then read that Germaloid work better. Maybe the cream is just too strong or something and irritating them. I'm sure the bleeding is the piles, nasty little things!

    Thanks so much for your advice. x

  • I use Germaloids - suppositories. I also use zinc and castor oil cream. The zinc and castor oil cream helps insertion of the suppositories and it also helps healing and reducing inflammation and ease of motions.

  • Might be worth seeing your doctor to make sure you haven't developed a Fissure. They're bloody painful and best treated early before they get worse.

  • You're spot on Daddio70! I visited my GP today and it's actually an anal fissure (ouch!). She prescribed me Rectogesic to help the pain so hopefully that kicks in soon. Maybe I need to up my dose of fibre!

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I've currently got a couple at the moment which the specialist looked at and told me that one may heal with cream but the other one is a bit past the natural healing stage and will require surgery. Problem is that we first of all need to find out what's causing the stomach issues in the first place, so I'm due for a colonoscopy on 4th August to check what's going on in there.

    I have been warned that its going to be a bit painful as they've got to squeeze the tube past the fissures, but I will be sedated which should make it more bearable.

    How are you getting on with the Rectogesic cream, are you getting the immense headache you can have as part of the side effects. Nearly as bad as the fissure pain.

    I hope you get it sorted out and that they heal well for you.

  • That sounds so sore for you, sorry to hear that :( the surgery will be worth it though in the long run. Same with the colonoscopy... I'm waiting on an appointment for a stomach specialist which can take 3-4 months but I'm guessing a colonoscopy might be the first thing they try and I researched it a little. A lot of people say that the medicine you have to take before to empty your bowels is the most unpleasant part and if you're sedated during the procedure, it's mostly just uncomfortable. Hopefully it'll be pain free for you. It'll be so worth it though just to see what the root of the problem is.

    Rectogesic has been fine for me. I had a slight headache a few times but nothing extreme. It seems to have really helped. I think it will take a while for them to heal but the pain is mostly gone. If it gets sore, usually a hot bath/hot water bottle/paracetamol helps. I also bought the preparation H wipes and they seem to soothe the area.

    Im trying to eat a lot of fibre and drink water to help with constipation. It's difficult because I've really lost my appetite so forcing myself to eat plenty of fibre! I hope your appointment goes well, it'll all be worth it. Keep in touch x

  • Update: still in pain from the fissure, think it will take a few weeks to heal (at least), also have a hemmoroid now. Have two different creams and feel as though the anusol stings the fissure, finding it difficult to keep them separate... :(

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