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Is this normal?!

Me again! I know I've posted a lot over the past few days but I'm getting worried now.

To recap, i drank heavily at a wedding on Saturday night and (hungover and craving comfort food) ate something on Sunday that doesn't always agree with me (a certain type of bread). I felt nauseous all day Sunday and put it down to a hangover, by Monday night I started with the worst case of D I've ever experienced. 15-20 loo visits throughout the night and I was sick a few times too. It's now 48 hours since it began and I keep thinking it's getting better (went around 8 hours without a bm today) but have just had another episode. It has literally been water since Monday and the gas/gurgling in my stomach is horrendous too. I don't know if it's an extreme ibs reaction, a bug or something else but I've never experienced anything so severe for so long.

Of course Google is once again telling me it could be bowel cancer and with my history of occasional rectal bleeding it's always on my mind despite being examined and having piles diagnosed. I am under 30 so I know it's rare but not unheard of.

I'm just wondering how long to leave it before getting medical advice. I feel sure a doctor would put it down to a bug or bad reaction but this is just now normal for me. I have had my fair share of sickness and D bugs from my toddler but none lasting this long. I feel really down now and haven't been to work all week and barely left the house. I do feel mostly OK in myself between episodes (although my apetite hasn't fully returned) but it feels like the D dragging on a lot now :/ any advice or experience?

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I've had this sort of thing happen loads in the course of 30 years IBS. When you get a bad reaction like to overindulgence to alcohol it can take anything up to a month eating very carefully before it may return to normal . You can use Imodium instants for the diarhoea although be careful as sometimes this can turn it into constipation but it easier to manAge but sometimes more painful. I usually take them a half tablet at a time. Good luck


Hi Sashapet, I over indulged at the weekend with alcohol and ate some pizza, I was camping with friends who I don't see very often, so we didn't get much kip either. On Monday night, I had the most extreme cramps and spasms in my lower abdomen right down my legs, I was rolling around the bathroom floor sweating in agony. I did go to the loo a huge amount, it was vile. The pain didn't stop, I got worried called to my husband to get an ambulance. About 40 mins later a paramedic arrived, my pain had eased but I was sweating cold and still feeling extremely bloated, sick and faint. I had managed to get back into bed with the help of my husband.

I'm still not very well now, it's Thursday, I've been to the loo but only small little bits, mine is more constipation not D.

I feel I need to have colonoscopy to take a look inside my bowels. I've had 2 other episodes like this but not for a long time. I am reducing my tablets atm which are 20 mg fluoxetine. I now take it 2 times a week. This has had an effect on my stomach bloating, bowel movements, sleeping, feeling rough, but I know the withdrawal would be exhausting and not pleasant.

I now have an external hemmoroid aswell from straining so much, this is all the after math of a couple of nights camping and a few ciders . Oh dear , you say it could take up to a month for my stoanch to level itself, that's a scary prospect and a depressing one.

I am new on this forum, this is my first post so sorry if I've blabbed on a bit. I need to get a referral from my GP regarding my bowel/abdomen Goings on me thinks ! I have healthy diet and excercise everyday walking my dog, this weekend was about seeing some beautiful friends, blimey I have suffered for it, so it's my own fault I suppose, but I need to be able to manage my digestive system better, because I don't want that extreme intense pain again.


Kath x


Have you thought that drink and Pizza contain yeasts and sugars which are well known trigger for IBS and also eggs can be a big no no.When buying ready cooked foods check what they were cooked in as I can only have things cooked in small amounts of olive oil.When I holiday in the Med my stomach is so much better because of the olive oil. I hope this helps.



I suspect that this could just be a negative development with my condition and that I'm going to have to be very careful in the future if I want to avoid anything like this again. I've drank alcohol before and never had a reaction like this. Maybe coupled with the bread it was just too much. I'm scared to eat as everything just comes back out within a few hours. Yesterday I thought I was improving so I ate a small beef dinner with veg and potatoes and I was up all through the night expelling it. Im lucky that I don't get too much pain but the urgency is terrible and i feel like my stomach is constantly bubbling and churning. I'm scared it could be something really serious :(


Again it may have been what your food was cooked in not what you have eaten.Take away any fatty things .i.e.some ready meals or veg are either coated or cooked with fatty ingredients.It's all trial and error.


I just feel that this is not a normal reaction for me. At least far more severe than I've experienced before. Do I just put it down to a bad reaction or should I see a doctor?


I would say if it continues for 7 days, then go to the doctor, it does sounds a bit like a stomach bug from what you've said and obviously booze and bread can be a dangerous combination so you might just have a bit of a mix! Just stay in near the loo and keep trying to eat plain food. Bad bouts of diarrhea illness can last a good while with people who don't have IBS so I wouldn't worry about it being anything too serious.



I think if it was me I would go and be checked out by the doctor this time.

He may want to send a specimen of your poo away.

You can't blame everything on to IBS.

Good luck and the I hope you get it sorted soon.


littlemissbee, if this isn't a normal reaction for you I would go and see the doctor. Perhaps they can do a blood test to see if you have some kind of infection and that would put your mind at rest. I know we all feel as though we are always going to the doctor, at least I do, but it has to be done.


Hi.i'm no doctor but ive had my fair share of drink though. anyways alcohol especially in large amounts of consumption will dehydrate your body not only thru #1 but #2 as well. The time it takes for your body to dispose of the alcohol in your system can take days and during its time in your body can still dehydrate you especially if you have i.b.s. i'd say watch how much you consume at a time or now you know how it may pay you back good luck and i hope you feel better soon


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