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Piles cream recommendation needed

I have constant anal discomfort - caused mainly by me needed to go to the loo frequently - doctors say I only have minor piles but I think they are making the discomfort worse. Can anyone recommend some ointment which would help heal the piles without irritating the surrounding area? I have tried anusol etc but find that it make me more sore generally ( I think the whole area has become hyper-sensitive)


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Sudocrem would probably ease the area but dont think it would shrink the piles at all ?


There is a product called germoloids. Not sure if it would cause you the same discomfort though, it is more greasy than anusol.


Sometimes people are helped by taking psyllium husk (Yerba Prima is the best) drinks at night before bedtime...May take a few days to work... Don't know how you feel about anything 'natural' or alternative...but what helps MY innards to feel the best is taking Slippery Elm and Marshmallow capsules... Good luck to you!


See your GP, there some prescribed creams that will dissolve them almost instantly, not worth messing about with the weak over counter stuff.

Better to clear them up before they turn so nasty you can not sit down



There are many things you can include in your diet to help treat piles, but obviously, given that this is a discussion about ibs, I'm fully aware that adding anything new to your daily food intake could be catastrophic! One of these foods however, is Papaya. It is believed to help treat piles and it contains papain which is also used worldwide in treatments to soothe an irritated stomach. With this in mind, it may be suitable? I always find its a fine line though between eating enough to help, and having too much, which can have quite the opposite effect on the stomach! A few slices here and there each day though can work wonders,but it must be ripe, or it can be very irritating on the tummy.

The other natural option, which I fully recommend, is that you purchase some good quality colloidal silver and apply directly. You can use it as much as you want, and it can be used applied directly to the area on cotton wool, or purchased as a spray. It really is quite the miracle.

Hope this helps xx


Thanks everyone. Unfortunately Sudocrem irritates me; and I have so far avoided Germoloids as that contains a local anaesthetic which I know should only be used occasionally to avoid irritation.

I already take Normocol daily which works better for me than psyllium and am careful about my diet - as with everything it is tricky to get the right amount so that I can go to the loo easily but not too frequently.

I will do some more research into colloidal silver as that is something new to me.



Ask your doctor for scheriproct ointment the ones that you buy over the counter aren't very good.



I was given this but to me found it was making me itch more.


Have you googled "Himalaya Pilex Ointment"


I fin a good quality aloe Vera gel really helps to soothe


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