Piles-bright red bleeding

Hi Folks,

I am 28 years of age and no family history of cancer whatsoever for at least 3-4 generations. I been suffering with piles since the age of 15 and things been getting worse over the past 12 months. Every month I would bleed after the bowel movement.

However since Monday onwards, the amount of bright red blood increased to the point where I found spots on my underwear-which I found bit embarrassing. To note that no bowel habits changes were detected this week, no abdominal pain or nausea, it's just that the amount of blood scares me and I also suffer from anxiety. I've also been applying Anusol and other ointments, and been using hazel witch extract wipes in the hope this would fix it.

Been to A&E 2 days ago and the doctor prescribed scheriproct. Been using this since once a day but the bleeding is still there!

Should I be alarmed about colon cancer?

Any thoughts or remedies please feel free to shout out!

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  • Hi

    I also have this issue sometimes. A&e must have thought it was piles as they issued you cream ( the same I have) bright red bleeding is a sight of piles, also pain and swellings around the anus or they could be further inside your rectum

    Have you thought about having them removed? I have had banding done twice on some of mine and it does help, though it want stop new piles developing. Keeping using the cream for 7 days if no improvement have a chat with your gp

    Good luck

  • In my case A and E prescribed scheriproct supositories...been using these for 3 days without any result....I bleed considerable amounts right after passing the bowel movement...never had this before although been having piles for nearly 3-4 years.

  • If you're concerned about cancer you should go to your GP. That said, I had piles for several years until I changed the way I eat. Now they're both a distant memory.😅

  • how did u get rid of them?

  • I introduced more fibre, fruit, veg, nuts and flaxseeds into my diet and significantly reduced foods that were refined. Those changes made a massive difference to me.

  • I can only tell you what I did to heal my UC, hopefully it will help you. I have done a fair amount of web surfing and coming to my own conclusion, I have stopped my UC. But this could help, start drinking a silicon rich water like Volvic. 1 litre/day, it should start very soft stool, my first bottle gave me a complete evacuation of soft stool. The more I continued the wetter my stool became. As I'd seen silica gel capsules made from Bamboo gel, I'd try them they enabled solids to form, but they did have some natural lubrication.

    The water has to be silicon rich (of volcanic origin). I should think it will help you,

    GPs don't really specialise in bowel problems, but the water should help yo to reduce the Aluminium that I believe causes the problems in digestion. Look up silica, it's good for digestion, look it up please, good luck.

  • I will try Volvic, I usually drink Evian but was wondering what would be some of the side effects of silica-perhaps kidney stones?

  • AlexLu, I can only say that I'd have to do more research in this, but you do get increased urination with the water.


    PS As an afterthought silica has been called an essential element good for hair, nails, teeth/hums, digestion.

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