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Piles-bright red bleeding

Hi Folks,

I am 28 years of age and no family history of cancer whatsoever for at least 3-4 generations. I been suffering with piles since the age of 15 and things been getting worse over the past 12 months. Every month I would bleed after the bowel movement.

However since Monday onwards, the amount of bright red blood increased to the point where I found spots on my underwear-which I found bit embarrassing. To note that no bowel habits changes were detected this week, no abdominal pain or nausea, it's just that the amount of blood scares me and I also suffer from anxiety. I've also been applying Anusol and other ointments, and been using hazel witch extract wipes in the hope this would fix it.

Been to A&E 2 days ago and the doctor prescribed scheriproct. Been using this since once a day but the bleeding is still there!

Should I be alarmed about colon cancer?

Any thoughts or remedies please feel free to shout out!

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I also have this issue sometimes. A&e must have thought it was piles as they issued you cream ( the same I have) bright red bleeding is a sight of piles, also pain and swellings around the anus or they could be further inside your rectum

Have you thought about having them removed? I have had banding done twice on some of mine and it does help, though it want stop new piles developing. Keeping using the cream for 7 days if no improvement have a chat with your gp

Good luck

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In my case A and E prescribed scheriproct supositories...been using these for 3 days without any result....I bleed considerable amounts right after passing the bowel movement...never had this before although been having piles for nearly 3-4 years.


If you're concerned about cancer you should go to your GP. That said, I had piles for several years until I changed the way I eat. Now they're both a distant memory.😅

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how did u get rid of them?


I introduced more fibre, fruit, veg, nuts and flaxseeds into my diet and significantly reduced foods that were refined. Those changes made a massive difference to me.

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I will try Volvic, I usually drink Evian but was wondering what would be some of the side effects of silica-perhaps kidney stones?


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