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IBS D and Piles

I wonder how many IBS D sufferers get bothered with Piles. Generally piles more associated with constipation, however, I have the D variety and have also suffered quite badly with Piles for approx. , the last 20 years. This just makes the whole episode of multiple BM's even worse.

Recently , I have been using ALUM ( aluminium sulphate crystals) and this has improved matters considerably. It is cheap to buy and all you do is mix it in a rough proportion of one part to five parts water. You can bathe your bottom in it-- but it works quite well by dabbing the area with a soaked cotton ball, especially following a toilet visit. Shrinks the piles and stops bleeding -if any.

Not sure if this is a common problem for other sufferers but would be interested to hear. Hopefully Alum might help others --it certainly worked better than any of the many ointments etc., that I have tried.


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Like you I am not constipated and have suffered with piles for a number of years so you have my sympathy. I still get bothered with bleeding and in fact get quite wet around the buttocks because of having prolapsed pile. In fact, my GP sent me to hospital last June for a flexible sigmoidoscopy as she saw something suspicious but it turns out it's an indurated prolapsed pile. I am awaiting a date to have excision. I actually put a question into Prof Read on the IBS website and he said it's best to have pile removed. However, as I hadn't heard anything from hospital by November, I phoned up and they apologized as I should have heard something by then. Got an appointment for January to see the consultant again (advised by the consultant's department) as it had been so long. However, it was cancelled until next month, but the strike today may affect that appointment.

How did you find out about ALUM? I used to use Germoloids cream on pile, but stopped using it after visiting the hospital last year. The only thing I use now is Sudocrem (not on pile) to act as a barrier to help with the wetness around my buttocks. Like you having IBS doesn't help, especially with having frequent visits to the toilet some mornings.

Do you find all this embarrassing? The only people I've told are my close family members, as I wouldn't want friends to know what operation I am waiting for. Sometimes I think is it just a waste of the NHS time to have such an operation but then I remember what the consultant said "it won't get better"!

Thanks for your tip.


Hi Yoga25,

Yes it is all embarrassing but I suppose that is why this site works. You can say what you want and converse with other fellow sufferers and no one really knows anyone else.

I found out about Alum crystals on the internet from something ( I Think), called the H MIRACLE. Suggest google ,it was someone called Holly Haden who was promoting cures. I would stress that I don't think this was a cure but a big improvement and well worth trying.

I had a procedure called banding , it did not work. I was then offered another procedure which I declined. I am reluctant to have ops. down there and have heard many do not result in a permanent cure.

I don't know how bad your prolapsed pile is or indeed a lot about prolapsed piles but if I was having a bad time with bleeding etc ., I would try this new treatment that is advertised. It is apparently painless and involves an electric current to shrink the pile. Try googling, ULTROID.UK.COM.

It is only available privately at present but should become an NHS treatment in the future.

Hope this helps and good luck.



Thanks for your comments and yes the beauty of this site is that we can converse with other fellow sufferers without any embarrassment! I am a bit worried about having an op due to what I've read from the internet about the pain afterwards. I've actually no pain - it's really just a nuisance and making sure I wear pads all the time - even in bed at night!


Hi Yoga25,

Mine used to bleed a bit after a BM and once, bled badly after playing golf. Much better since using Alum, although it sometimes prolapses.

Seriously, would consider the Ultroid treatment, it gets great reviews. I have promised myself that if mine ever get worse ,I will

try this treatment before letting anybody near with a knife in that region. One slip and the problems might be worse !

Just be sure and committed to whatever you choose as it can't be much fun bleeding all the time , or wondering when it might bleed.

Good Luck



I had mine removed many years ago when the operation was still a bit primitive. My advice.....get rid of them with surgery, you will never look back after the initial discomfort.


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