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All hope lost !!

I am a 34 -years -old guy who started suffering from multiple disorders 11 months ago. They were:

1. IBS & Wheat intolerance

2. Extreme fatigue

3. Bone pain

4. Muscle cramps

5. Hair and beard fall

6. Gum bleeding and discoloration

7. Balance problem

8. Dark scaly patches on legs

9. Bad sleep

10. Urinary incontinence.

11. Weight loss

12. Dark and painful acne all over the face

13. Absentmindedness/ Memory loss

I was 76 kgs in last June and I am 62 now. My fatigue has reached such a level that I lost my job last week.

I am almost bed ridden now. They might start Intravenous soon.

I have been to 8 GPs, and 4 Naturopaths in Canada, US, and India. I have got 15 tests done (including endoscopy, colonoscopy, toxicity, comprehensive stool test, worms, liver, kidney, pancreas, urine, all blood tests, HIV etc) and I am waiting for the result for the 16th one. They still can't find the reason of my malabsorption. The only thing they did was fill my Vitamin D and B12 levels when they found it was almost nil but that did not change anything (its been 6 months) - not even 1%. I have done everything possible to help myself - Right food (after elimination), right quantity, right routine, deep breathing exercises, lot of water, all fresh juices, probiotics, enzymes, detox, supplements, herbs, yoga and prayers.

Three things happened before all these symptoms started:

1) I was under severe anxiety for 9 months

2) I was exposed to severe cold (-52 C) for 8-9 months. I was not used to cold at all.

3) My gut that somehow got affected badly by anxiety and cold, broke down completely when I started eating out a lot.

Someone told me you need divine intervention.

Let good happen to all !

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