I had a bad meal 8 weeks ago runs sweats etc,it went on for over two weeks.I faxed the doctor and asked her for lapermide.She came out and took two stools tests,gave me a rectal internal and found nothing..Got stool tests back both normal then they did another one and that was normal too.Got blood tests back but my inflammatories were raised.Doctor rang me and said she thought it was cancer.Asked me to go for tests but I have severe agoraphobia and could not go.Affter she planted the seed of cancer my husband and I just cried can't sleep can't eat.i had more bloods done and the inflammatories had gone slightly up one of them anyway.And the other one had come down.Spoke to a different doctor and she said I'm sure u don't have a tumour if u had the inflammatories wud not cum down. I'm having diarrea most mornings and bad wind most morning and quite smelly I'm sure it's ibs.But now because I can't go to the hospital I've been left to get on with it basically.I don't know where to turn now.By the way I'm female and 70.Ive started to get a pain in my right side and in the pelvic area.

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  • Oh dear, there's nothing like being caught between a rock and a hard place, is there?

    Firstly, let me explain to you that all that IBS means is that someone's bowel is irritable/sensitive, with some or all of a wide variety of symptoms, and the reason for it being that way is unknown.

    In other words, it's necessary to have several tests done to rule out all known causes before you get an IBS label to wear and no doctor is able to give you one of those without those tests being completed.

    I have some understanding of agoraphobia as my mother suffered from it during my childhood and was completely housebound for 7 years. Luckily she got some excellent psychiatric treatment for it and was prescribed a cocktail of drugs which enabled her to live a normal life. She was able to do without these eventually and 'the old aggy', as she called it, never returned. Have you received proper help for it?

    Whatever the case, you really do need to get appropriate tests done for your bowel problems. Would a sedative help you to make it to the hospital? Perhaps you could talk to an understanding GP about that possibility.

    Getting a colonoscopy done is the most important of the tests and, you know, even if it showed that cancer was present, it's very treatable when caught early enough.

    Best wishes,


  • Yes I've had help years ago for the agoraphobia but never helped me.I just cud not go for tests I know I could t.i feel like I'm going out of my mind with worry my poor husband looks awful. The doctors have been useless no help at all.Also one of them telling me she thinks I have cancer,She can't say that as I've only had blood and stool tests done. I can feel they r bout bothered now as I can't go.

  • Does anyone know what else I could do about having test done I. The house what if I went private ? I need help ?

  • You could order a home test kit online, try this link:


    Not as definitive as a colonoscopy but probably the next best thing.

  • Thank u

  • Sorry to hear of your troubles. Medichecks do various tests you can do blood sample at home or they can come to you if they need a venous sample for extra charge. Worth doing even for peace of mind xx

  • Thank u so much

  • I tried soya milk and weetabix yday and I have lived in the toilet ever since,really bad night and morning.I know I'm eating all the wrong foods but it's trial and error right now.I was starting to feel better but feel like I've gone right back again.Any idears please anyone.

  • Hi weetabix is a no no it's wheat and gluten these irritate IBS. Have a look at low FODMAP diet for ideas. Get some gluten free bread and easy very simple for a few days rice bananas etc have you tried mebeverine - it relaxes the digestive system before you eat - ask doc for a prescription. Drinks lots of water xx

  • Thank you I will try anything to stop the D I'm having makes you feel washed out xx

  • I am so scared all the time that all this D I'm having is cancer.

    My blood tests show that I do have infection in my body that's going up and down, but the doctors are doing nothing at all for me.

  • As suggested above the Low FODMAP diet will help you to eliminate any symptoms which are bowel related. It isn't easy but if you can be strict about what you eat and drink LOTS of water then it is very much worth it. The pains should go away...and if anything is still left behind then try to go see a new Dr. All the best.

  • Thank u I will

  • I don't really have a lot of pain just the diarrhoea most days !!

  • Does anyone know about inflammatory markers in blood tests.There are two and showing infections mine are usually up and down ? As one doctor said if one is going down can't be cancer as if it was would just keep Riseing ?

  • Does anyone on here have diverticulitis I'm sure I have it my cousins does and she named all the symptoms and I have most of them.She had ibs first ?

  • I have now had D for 3 days now and blood started yday.The doctors won't see me as I can't go to the hospital I'm at my wits end ?

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