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Where is IBS pain felt?

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I can’t seem to find any consistency in where IBS related abdominal pain is felt? I’m awaiting further tests (colonoscopy within next 6 weeks) and I guess I’m trying to work out if my symptoms which started 7/8 weeks ago is IBS related. The discomfort I’ve had is low in the abdomen (under belly button) but in both sides (left and right) and not centrally. I haven’t seen anything online about pain in both sides. Bowel movements don’t seem to receive the discomfort and it feels like it’s necer going to go. I’ve been gassy (less now than a few weeks ago) and still struggling with gurgling sounds (heard mainly at night). My bowel movements have been consistently soft since this happened. I guess I’m still struggling with health anxiety and my mind keeps questioning these symptoms. I’ve had 2 x Urine tests, 1 x blood test, 1 x stool sample, 1 x rectal exam and 1 x abdominal ultrasound. I’ve been to the doctors 5 times now in last 7 weeks and feel I can’t go back again but I keep questioning whether all these tests would have picked up something more sinister or whether they were looking for something like an infection that doesn’t pick up on more serious conditions. I guess my head is part of the problem at present and that the colonoscopy will help but 6 weeks feels like a long time.

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Hi, you can get IBS pain almost anywhere from top of ribs to down into groin. And it can be in the middle or right or left side and also in back. Practically anywhere in the tummy and surrounding area.

I do think you might be working yourself up a bit, you have had quite a few tests already and you only have 6 weeks to wait for your colonoscopy and I'm sure everything will be fine. I had IBS for 10 years before I was given a colonoscopy. Admittedly that was about 20 years ago.

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What type of IBS do you have, C, D, or A? Read this article about a proposed cause for all the forms of IBS and a proposed cure: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

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Hello, i have the same problem as you, i have done a colonoscopy and everything was fine. but i still have pain on my right side and going to the bathroom many times during the day, i don't know what to eat anymore also i have h-pylori been on antibiotics for over a month and still i don't get any better, i think the worse sometimes, just wait for your colonoscopy i am sure it's nothing...take care

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They have an antibiotic recovery therapy. Sometimes antibiotics harm your digestion. Its all complicated but you don't have to do it all exactly how they say. Populations that use more antibiotics and food preservatives have more IBS.

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I don't know anymore what is happening, my lower right side hurts, H-pylor, ibs, black diarreha

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I understand your disease. Don't take any iron supplements. Iron is not bad but iron supplements are irritating to the stomach and intestines. Black stool can mean bleeding. Avoid tough meats such as red meat, shrimp. Preferably, only eat fish. Try to eat only easy to digest items. Don't eat anything salty. Don't eat vinegar or bitter foods. No lemon juice, no lemonade, no orange juice, no citrics. Drink only caffeine free tea such as rooibos. You have to pretend that your intestines have a burn. Pretend someone lit your intestines on fire. They are very delicate. Don't take anti-diarrheals like loperamide. When you have diarrhea, its because something is hurting your intestines and they choose to evacuate. If you take Imodium, your intestines don't get a chance to relieve the pressure. You will need sublingual supplementation. One is frunutta.com/collections/ou.... Stay away from sour cream. Don't use spices on food. I believe the root cause of your problem is malnutrition. This is why your intestines can't heal. Your intestinal nerves are also damaged. However, at this point your intestines will no longer absorb nutrients. This is why you need sublingual nutrients. Never eat hamburgers, hotdogs, fajitas, tacos, egg rolls. You can eat cereals, steamed vegetables with no seasoning, stir fry vegetables with no seasoning, steamed fish, steamed rice. Eat watermelon, avocados, bananas, unsalted peanuts and cashews.

Please post some more details about your digestion symptoms and any other disease that you might consider unrelated. Sometimes unrelated diseases turn out to be related. I want to ask you these questions:

Are you diabetic?

Do you have dizziness?

Do you suffer from tiredness?

Do you have muscle twitching?

Do you feel pins and needles in your hands or feet?

Any numbness anywhere?

Do you have a racing heart?

Do you see sparks in your vision?

Any ringing ears?

Any foot or leg pain?

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Look at your tongue, is it ulcerated? Does it have cracks?

Do you get coughs that last months?

Any migraines?

Let me know the answer to these questions. Keep in touch.

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no diabetes, i used have panic attacks, anxiety,i still do, sometimes i get tired, twitching rarely, there was a period that i felt pins and needle all over my body even inside my mouth, and it went away, numbness it happen once actually not to long ago, the tip of my finger went numb for a few seconds, my heart is ok so far, vison is ok i do wear glasses, but other than that ok, ringing in the ears yes, when i start getting panic attacks anxiety, sometimes more other times less and other time ok,

no pain in my legs or feet, carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes it hurts my left wrist, i looked at my tongue now at the far end i notice now i don't know if i can call them little bumps it does not hurt, what is it? no cough, no migraine, waiting for your answer please...ty

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I definitely feel something is harming your nerve cells. The pins and needles and temporary numbness does suggest peripheral neuropathy, which is caused by deficiency of at least vitamins B1, B6, and B12 (could also be other diseases but those tend to get worse, never go away) Since you have been on antibiotics for so long that complicates things. Antibiotics will harm your flora and permanently change your bacterial diversity. I feel there is an injury in your intestines. Black stool is often blood that got digested. If bleeding happens, this injury causes the "angry" reflex that causes water not be absorbed. The pain you feel is likely the area that is bleeding. Have you tried psyllium husk? This fiber might relieve that initial pressure that harms the intestine enough to triggers the evacuation reflex that eventually leads to diarrhea, and the bleeding. I know it sounds awkward to take fiber when you have diarrhea but psyllium husk helps stool pass easily, without causing injury. Black stools could also be Pepto Bismol use, but you haven't mentioned it so I'm assuming your are not using it, and probably shouldn't as you have gastritis from H pylori. I would try psyllium husk for a very short time (3 days) to see if it stops the diarrhea. I think there might be a weak spot in your intestines that causes that irritation and bleeding. The intestines usually react to irritation by causing diarrhea in an attempt to rid itself of the irritating or toxic substance. You might have to use probiotics at the same time (if you are done with the antibiotics). Don't use psyllium husk for more that 3 days. I'm not a doctor, I just read a lot.

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are you saying that it could be MS or something related cause i looked into that too. and the symptoms are the same, yes i forgot to tell you the doctor did prescribe me bepto bismol that i did take 2 days ago a spoonful and thats when it happened, now what i see is little mucus with a pink color i assume is blood i don't see it all the time and since a sleep on my left side i find when i wake up my hand is numb and i move it and it goes away, i went to the emergency i explained the situation they and ultrasound in the stomach below and on the side they only found that i was dehidrated, i am afraid that it might be more than that and sometimes it takes awhile for a disease to develop, what i find now is that i have diarrhea....

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No, I don't think its Multiple Sclerosis because your "pins and needles" went away. Multiple sclerosis keeps getting worse and worse and worse. I thought it could be a vitamin deficiency since some people I know have this sensation and the injections fixed it. There is research that suggests that nerve damage and IBS have a link. Its not clear what that link is though.

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The problem with the gut is there are not very many nerves in the abdominal area so any discomfort is felt quite generally. Like a poor GPS system saying your are "somewhere" in this 5 km area. Organs on the other hand have a lot of nerves so they generally have very specific pain responses. Like gallstones are felt right where the gallbladder is every time.

Doctors can diagnose organ issues versus general gut discomfort this way. Having pain spread out like that is more a sign that you probably don't have a serious condition and the doctors can take some time to investigate to make sure. Hence they are not rushing for an emergency colonoscopy.

To me it sounds like gas. And the lack of nerves is saying "somewhere around here'ish there is bloating".

You should never be afraid to go back and ask your doctor for anything. Remember every time you go back they make money off you! lol.

You should also be confident to ask "So what conditions have been ruled out with the tests I have had?"

And "Are there any other tests I could take to rule out anything the other tests didn't cover?".

I am not a doctor, but I can tell you the tests you have would probably have ruled out parasites, major inflammation, acute internal bleeding, infection, obvious cancers, gallstones, organ swelling or kidney stones.

I would suggest myself (and I repeat: I am NOT a doctor) that getting that endoscopy work done in 6 weeks should rule out just about everything else you might be worried about having.

Then you can start working on your stress levels. Because all your issues could be caused by this.

The intestines are very long so pain can be in any weakened area along the intestines. Here is an article that tries to explain why you feel pain, what causes IBS, and has a proposed cure: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

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I generally suffer with IBS-D but in recent weeks have gone the other way. As annoying as it is having the runs it’s nothing compared to the pain I suffered due to constipation. I could barely move the pain was so bad and kept me awake at night. Even after going there was no relief. I was getting pain all over but for the first time ever I was getting pain low down almost like period pains which scared me thinking it was something more. Eventually after a few days it clears and I’m ok again. I had heard that pain tends to be more on the right side but for me more often then not it is the left side or centre I generally get it.

I guess this is just a long winded (excuse the pun) way of saying that pain can be experienced in all areas of the abdomen

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Hi Stella

I also suffer with ibs c and the pain is unbearable ! Keeps me awake all night and even when I do manage to go to toilet as you said, it does not ease the pain!

The pain I have is usually lower stomach left and right and into the groin, back and sometimes down the front of my thighs even! It almost feels like I’m carrying a baby as my stomach is also so swollen and hard to touch.

Deano I just wanted to say that my husband has had ms for 16 years and the symptoms can come and go as at first many sufferers are diagnosed as relapse/remitting when they have spells without symptoms. I don’t want to worry you but just wanted to let you know a bit more about the condition. I’m sure you are fine though and it’s not likely to be that 😁

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