Pains all over abdomen

Hi everyone,

Have got myself into a total panic. Have had ibs for years many tests etc. This flare is worrying me more as it started lower right which I now know is not that uncommon but over the last couple of days I have had pains moving all over right along top of tummy and under left rib even near navel. After eating I feel so bloated.

Bowels normal but I feel sick at times. Tried colpermin just made my burning worse.

My consultant has told me ibs can change but anyone else have these symptoms has made me realise that ibs can be severe


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  • An IBS flare put me in A&E a couple of years ago - the pain was indescribable, worse than childbirth. I have to avoid chickpeas and onions because all of a sudden they started causing me a huge problem. That was after 20 years of "normal" IBS. I'm sure it does this deliberately - changing symptoms just add to our anxiety!! One of the characteristics of the condition is for the pain to be random and moving around, sometimes hard to pin down.

  • You need to get checked now especially if you still have your appendix in case it's as appendicitis.

  • Hi fellow sufferer. I experienced this for the 1st time last week! Stress can do this - you need to find your trigger, if you don't get to what it is and how to treat it! Relaxation is key, you may need to speak to your chemist also and have your medication changed. Good luck!

  • Hello, I have been suffering with similar symptoms for nearly two years, pain all around my lower abdomen, mainly under and to the right of my navel, seen four different doctors had several tests including ultrasound scan and a colonoscopy, results all normal, I have been prescribed Buscopan and another IBS tablet, no difference, although I have Coeliac disease I keep to a strict Gluten free diet I still have this pain, last week I saw my Gastoenterologist for my annual check up, mentioned my symptoms again, after checking my records once again he tells me it's probably stress as there are no physical problems that can be found, bloods are normal, I suppose I just have to learn to live with it.

  • Hello, sympthoms are familiar, are you feeling better now?

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