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At breaking point

I have had ibs for a number of years, over this past year things have got a great deal worse. I am in constant pain and so tired with no energy. I've had a colonoscopy which showed ulcers at the opening of the small bowel, I'm awaiting a adominal ct. Blood tests have all come back clear. The pain is really getting me down, its in my left and lower abdomen and my lower back and radiates down my bum and legs, my bowel movements are all over the place and give me no relief. I take buscopan for the cramping which has no effect. My doctor is putting my pain down to ibs, but Iam not sure that it is. please if anyone else is experiencing these problems in would be love to hear your advice

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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this discomfort. I was have IBS and recently I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. I know that when my IBS flareups become really bad, I take Bentyl ( that's the american name, but the UK name is Dicycloverine Hydrochloride), it really helps with the cramping and pain. Since I have IBS and the Gastroparesis sometimes I experience nausea which typically gets better with Zofran.

I hope this helps


Thanks for your advice, I was admitted to hospital yesterday with severe adominal and lower back pain. I had an adominal Ct which showed Inflammation of the bowel, but nothing significant to be causing so much pain have to stay in now to see a consultant to see if there is anything they have missed. This is so frustrating having this occurring pain and nothing showing up on tests 😔


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