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Hi all,

I really need some help at the moment. I have been diagnosed with IBS and an inflammed bladder. I went to the doctor the other day as i thought i had a water infection. She thinks that all my pain is coming from my bowel and may have been pressing on my bladder.

I'm quite sick at the moment, have to keep working to keep my job, but i have no energy, always feeling sick, and in pain.

The doctor prescribed co-codamol for the pain which i took for four days in a row, resulting on,?? yeah you guessed constipation, I have had to take laxitives to solve this, and now i feel someone has kicked by lower back in.

Has anyone got any advice of medication to try to get me out of this vicious circle and to get a better quality of life.

I will end up losing my job as i know i will eventually be bedridden.

Thanks in advance.

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Its not down to medication !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wont solve IBS and save your job and your health with pills. You have to work hard at finding a solution . I did and I won the battle.

Ask your GP for a referral to a dietician.

Try the low FODMAP diet : it helps 75% of all IBS sufferers and is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN

What do you eat ?

Do you drink alcohol ? If you do , cut right down on it

Have you been tested for Gluten Intolerance ?

Have you tried shifting to lactose free milk and cheese?


Hi Joy

I just meant the medication was constipating me.

I do think i need to see a dietician, i eat healthy but sometimes healthy could be irritating it. I don't drink Alcohol very often , I do believe i need to be tested for food allergies.

I don't have a lot of diary i don't take milk at all, but could swap my cheese.

I have an appointment with my GP in three weeks time to discuss all other options.

Thank you


I have mebeverine prescribed for the IBS and use Imodium when needed. I use co-codamol too and have to try and drink lots more water so not to get constipated. Start looking at diet and working through that maybe have a look at FODMAP diet but starting to cut wheat/gluten and dairy was my starting point.

Good luck x


Take one actimal a day. It has helped me so much, please try it


Awh i wish i could i really struggle with milk/diary.


Ok in that case try taking a probiotic tablet. If you go into holland and barrett they should have some in there


Oh really i didn't think they did them, i will certainly give this a go. Thank you so much.x


Thank you i think i will have to do FODMAP, as i do use these other medications.


I got tested for coeliac but came back clear however you can still be sensitive to wheat/gluten but not allergic. I paid privately with Cambridge nutritional sciences for sensitivity test and showed sensitivity to wheat/gluten/dairy. Sadly lots of healthy foods such as fruit and veg will cause gas/bloating such as onions, garlic, cabbage even avocado! I find I can have some dairy but generally avoid it I think it may be the lactose found in some dairy that upsets my tum but the test for that requires you to drink a lactose solution so I'd rather not be tested!!

Good luck x


Take Silicolgel once a day before your Main meal, it is too expensive (tho' cheaper on Amazon) to take three times a day, I find once, just fine, also get Phenergan Tabs from Chemist, a hayfever and travel sickness pill which also has mild sedation for getting a good nights sleep, half the cure!!

It also has a calming affect on your stomach, if you just take one pill an hour before bed you will feel so much better the next day. It is o.k. to take as it is even prescribed for children and can be bought over the counter at any chemist, they may ask a few questions but just say you have had it before for hay fever or travelling!! I have also checked with my Doctor!!

I feel a NEW person having taken the Silicolgel once a day BEFORE main meal (dinner) plus one Phenergan before bed. My IBS is definitely STRESS related - I think many people seem to mess about a bit too much with their Diet when it possibly has nothing to do with them having IBS - very likely all Stress Related in this busy, busy, and hectic world we now live in!!!

Good luck anyway and hope this helps!!


Have you got a camera in my life, honestly you are one of the first responses that actually makes sense to me. Others has certainly had ideas but you are so right, its stress and exhaustion. With the stress reduced the exhaustion will go, but if Icould control the IBS some of the stress will go asehen it flares I stress more.

May I ask do you live in the U.K.


Yes, it certainly can create even more stress - the whole condition is horrible, however try what I have suggested and I am sure you will feel CALMER - the IBS seems to almost disappear, it has been some weeks now that I have not had to take Imodium!!!

I can hardly believe it myself - I still stress a little from time to time but the medication I have mentioned seems to still enable my body to cope, and just from getting a very good nights sleep has made me feel SO much better - at times before, I could be awake 'til 4-00 in the morning before I could finally settle to try and sleep and felt dreadful next day.

Now all that appears to have gone away!!!! Try the medication and take it as I have suggested!!

Yes I do live in U.K. Good luck again!!


Thank you I was just checking the uk but for the availability of the meds. Thank you once again 😘


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