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Leaky gas

Has anyone the following IBS symptoms - bowel movements normal mostly, but have unpredicable bad "leaky gas" - by that I mean uncontrollable flatulence with ABSOLUTELY no warning and no feeling - just bad odour from lower bowel.

No pain, and no feeling of bloating as such at all.

I am trying to work out things that help with this particular variant of IBS - I run a small group on email that share ideas.

If anyone has had these exact symptoms since having gastroenteritis like I did years ago - please let me know what has helped you. Thanks. PS I think its a long term upset of the bowel flora (bacteria in the gut) but this is just a guess as doctor's don't know. Haven't managed to cure it yet.

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I dont hav ibs...bt i do leak gas.....im in my teens...cn i contct u?


Hi Olive 69 that would be great I have an email address that you can contact me on alicemarsh4@yahoo.com - I have a couple of contacts that also have this leaky gas syndrome and there are a few ways of reducing it but I have not eliminated it entirely. It is so unpredicable.... Do contact me on the email and we can discuss further if you wish. I am trying to gather ideas of what works and what doesn't to help myself and others. Also am trying a new thing soon to do with the pelvic floor - which may help. I am sometimes at my wits end as its so difficult to explain to others if they don't have it... it would be lovely to hear from you. To share ideas.

If you are worried about emailing me then you can just discuss on here of course. Its just that not everyone on this site has this condition. I leave it up to you.

Things that I have tried - Shreddies carbon filter underwear that is supposed to absorb gas, Yakult to improve bowel flora, platforms for using the loo, tissues that are strongly fragrant that I keep in my pocket.

Might be worth trying these - the next thing I am trying is a Kegel machine to see if this tightens the pelvic muscles and is said to improve this condition of gas leakage. There is one testimony on there that says it helps. Hope this helps you explore some positive suggestions for now.


Thanku fr ur reply.....i jv been goin thru dis fr 3 yrs..im in collg now....i dont hv a yahoo id....r u in fb? Mayb i share abt my condition nd symptoms to u....


Hi You dont need a yahoo ID its just a normal email. If you have email you can contact me as normal.


Hi - if you cant send emails then you can find me on fb but it will be difficult as there are many alice marsh's - so if you don't want to mail me I think its might be easier to just contact me on here.

Did you get the information I sent of the things I have tried above - it is worth checking them out on the web. Shreddies underwear, and yakult for the bowel and the scented tissues.

Some people have a condition where they think they smell and this is a psychological condition. That would need a pyschiatrist.

There is also a thing called TMAU which is a condition where the body doesn't break some substances down properly and this causes odour.

Check this out on the internet first. See if you think you may have this - as yet I am undecided if I have this or not? But you could try cutting out some of the foods listed and see if that helps? I know I cannot eat most of these foods. However I also smell of tiny amounts of other foods that I have eaten if they have any strong odour - eg garlic.

I hope some of the info helps you - do put more info if you can of your exact symptoms on here and then we can see if it sounds the same.

It may also help someone else to share who needs to talk about it too.


Sorry meant to leave the link for TMAU - in case this helps you.

Read this (copy and paste the link below) and see if it sounds like what you have :




ALso look at the video in case this is any help investigating TMAU

Again copy and paste the link below into your browser :



Hey. I've only just signed up to this after seeing your post. I also have the same condition / symptoms as you. It started when I was 19; I am now 26. I find that if I eat dry foods without oil such as fish that's fine but foods with sauces seems to trigger it. Have you found anything else since posting this that has helped?


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