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Is this IBS or something more sinister??

Hello, new here and so depressed and scared.

I have had bowel problems for a few years, they seemed to develop after i had an eating disorder. Usually i would get a couple of flare ups a year of bad diarrea, cramps and feeling unwell.

However, 3 months ago i had diarrea, horrendous cramping which stopped once the diarrea was out. Felt fine next day thought it was over.

However, since then my symptoms have worsened, every couple of weeks i get the diarrea and cramps but the last lot of diarrea i had for a couple of days without cramps.. Right before i get the diarrea i have a normal movement.

Every day i go up to 4 times but it looks normal on the Bristol poo scale, a number 4. However i still feel i need to go all the time like i havent finished. Feels like a lump in your butt. Weird that it looks normal as i now have a low fibre diet. Cut down a lot on fibre.

I have a little gas, no bloating at all, have lost about 10 pounds in the last 3 months despite eating more calories to stop that, previously keeping weight off was the problem since the hysterectomy. I also get severe lower back pain and hip pain and lower abdominal aching which feels like the aching you get before a period but i had a hysterectomy years ago and i also get pains in the creases of my groin when i have diarrea.

There is no blood being passed, until these changes happened 3 months ago i tended to be constipated a little bit.

I am also getting a bubbling sensation in my intestines, i can really feel it bubbling away. I am also severely depressed and feel generally unwell and exhausted.

Blood tests by doctor were normal, in fact she said my iron levels and vitamin levels were brilliant. Has ruled out Chrohns and IBD. I wanted a. Colonoscopy but the doctors refuse, say it is not necessary but i am convinced i am dying of bowel cancer.

I suggested IBS to doctor, she didnt reply but gave me anti spasmodics. Went to hospital casualty a few years back and was given an x ray, normal. Doctor did a rectal digit test, fine, felt my abdomen, fine.

Do i have IBS or not? I am out of mind with worry, i am 41, grandma died at 95 after having anal cancer at 55 and surviving before dying of bowel cancer, brother has chrohns.

Have tried elimination of foods, lactose, wheat, etc,,,, tried it all. Nothing makes a difference and no food triggers my symptoms, when i get the diarrea i have always had something different. Diarrea usually comes every two weeks. In the build up to this episode i had awfull lowe back and gip pain which now the diarrea has gone seems to have disappeared as well for the moment.

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Hi Bunnyrabbit1,

Wow, you've certainly got a range ofsymptoms there - ALL of which, I hasten to add, are common to IBS of one variety or another, particularly the sensation of not having competely emptied your bowel, 'lump in the butt' describes it brilliantly!

However, you must get a referral to a gastroenterologist - pay for an appointment if your GP refuses you an NHS one (although with the problems you describe, you've got every right to insist on seeing one). Unless you get a firm diagnosis of IBS, you won't get much help - not that there's that much available anyway, but there is some.

In the meantime, although I know you say you've tried food elimination, have you done a full-blown low-FODMAPs diet which has sorted out many people on this site including me? If you want more info about this, I'll be happy to point you in the direction of where to get the right info from.



I was exactly like you except it lurches from diarrhoea to constipation and back again. I must admit I was losing the will to live sometimes and felt what was the point. However the first thing which turned me around a bit was hypnotherapy course on DVD (can be found on ibsaudioprogram100.com) which made me more positive. Secondly Fodmaps seems to be working at the moment.

If you haven't tried either of these why not give them a go. I have had IBS for 26 years and nothing else has had the impact of those two things together. The DVD costs around £60 if I remember correctly and is a 100 day course. The Fodmaps app is around £7 .


Thank you Pagan and sashapet, have now bought the Fodmap app and will certainly be trying it.

Cannot afford to pay private and i do think docotrs dont take bowel problems seriously. It seems to be with me, your blood tests are fine now go away and deal with it. The only advice my doc gave was to increase my fibre. Yeah, like i really need to go more than i am now.


Hello Bunnyrabbit. I do relate to your comment re increasing fibre advice which is often given out by docs and makes for the feeling that a screen has dropped down between doc and patient! My solution has been to avoid the 'harsh' fibres and gradually reintroduce small quantities such as porridge and try different types of fruit. In the past I have twice had to stop eating and just have fluids (and sachets) in order to cleanse the system and then I have little by little added in the fibre content.

I cannot tolerate uncooked apples but I find papaya OK, as are blueberries. Braised chicory is my latest addition to diet. I do not eat any raw salad or raw tomatoes but I can eat cress from those 25p supermarket punnets. I reintroduced small quanties of so called 'spring' greens - shredded and steamed to just become cooked without losing the colour. I can't comment on the breaad fibre as I cannot tolerate wheat. I used to eat wholemeal bread and thought I ate really healthily but became intolerant.

It would be advisable to push for tests to rule out certain conditions/disease.

We are all different and I recommend a food diary to really see what is causing the bowel problems. The diary needs to be absolutely accurate as to fresh or processed, sauces content ,etc. etc.


hi i've had the same symptoms as you , but every day for past 20yrs. i had all the test back then and all negative. but this year i'm going through them all again and so far there negative in a way i feel it would like something to be found nothing serious just something to explain why i have these symptoms . ibs seems to be a general tag that doctors put on stomach problems that can't be explained. i would encourage you to insist that you get colonoscopy to set your mind at ease as worry can make it worse . also sometimes when you feel pressure after bm. it can be that you have internal hemaroids without knowing. goodluck with your doctor hope you get sorted.


hi I suffer from daily symptoms also. Usually a morning "rush" of diahorrea which leaves me feeling zonked out - and thats me till the next morning again. general feeling unwell with lots of nausea which lasts most of day, tired no energy - just waiting for kids to go to school so I can get back to bed!!! have been more light headed recently with headaches and feeling "not all there"!!!! on paroxetine to treat nerves/stomach/brain which gp thinks is causing nausea, fed up of tests coming back clear. even gp not convinced its IBS....


I have similar problems you should go to see yr Doctor as stressing about yr symptons can make them worse


I would go and see another doctor and insist you want a referral to the hospital, once you have had the colonoscapy and they have ruled out anything nasty you will feel a lttle better in your self as you will feel less stressed and you can get on with the job of sorting your IBS problem.


Thank you for your replies. My other g.p sent me for an ultrasound and the hospital were annoyed said it was pointless especially since i had had a hysterectomy.

Saw another g.p this afternoon, still no go with the colonoscopy, seems unless you are over 50 or at high risk they wont even consider it. Was so desperate even lied and said i had seen blood, answer is still no.

Will try the fodmap diet and if no improvement may have to consider a new doctors practice.


Hi there had similar symptoms to you, totally understand the worry you are putting yourself through, have a mother who had multiple bowel ops and ended up with iliostomy after losing her large bowel..brother had IBD..May I just say that the worry is probably causing an awful lot of your problems now, it becomes a viscious circle!!, I think you should def give the lowfodmap diet a go as it gives you a proper insight into all sorts of troublesome foods, wheat, dairy etc are not always the culprits..could be a certain fruit or veg you eat!!

I do think though that your bowel consultant ought to rule out anything else with a colonoscopy even if it just puts your mind at rest, go back to your GP and explain that your are feeling extremely stressed about their lack of action given your family history maybe he/she could refer you to sombody else? best of luck..also maybe if you can, try and take some time out for yourself to relax, even if its a massage/reflexology session once a month, nourish your wellbeing and try to relax. take great care.x


Hiya Bunnyrabbit1

I feel for you so much, reading your post there made me want to find you and give you a big cuddle. I'm 36 and was only diagnosed with Ibs four or five years ago after years of suffering. I was eventually referred to the hospital and broke down in tears almost as soon as I walked in the room. My specialist however was brilliant, think he could see the sheer desperation. He did as I like to call it, a camera up and a camera down and told me straight away it was a classic case of Ibs. Since then I've relaxed more just knowing what the diagnosis was, don't get me wrong, I still suffer an awful lot, mine more with bloating and trapped wind which in turn leads to nausea. Be persistant and try and get the camera's done, it does sound very much to me like Ibs, especially the not feeling like you have gone fully as I get that alot. I had to eventually stuff what the doctors thought of me keep going back and to but it paid off. Really hope you get sorted, but keep strong, you are not on your own. xx


Thank you Sammi7, been a long time since i had a cuddle from anyone. Finally going to get a colonoscopy as the hospital has sent a report to my g.p and told me i have to go in on Monday and tell him i must have a referral.

This is only come about after i turned up at hospital last night after having a bm and having a lot of bleeding afterwards.

Feel pretty angry as i feel it could have been avoided had they listened to me in the first place and cannot wait to see his face on Monday when i tell him he has got to refer me.

Thank you everyone else as well for all your replies and advice, it is much much appreciated. xx


Hi. It's been a week. Any updates? peerdiagnosis.com/how-long-...


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