Can't take much more. Is it IBS?

I have tried to stay positive and still am but I just can't take anymore.

3 months ago I suddenly started to get a pain at the top of my stomach whenever i ate something then I developed severe left sided pain almost constantly. I have been hospitalised with this pain three times in the last 3 months they first said it was acid reflux I then had a CT scan, X-Ray, Ultra sound and a colonoscopy which is getting repeated as I couldn't hold all the Moviprep down. Whilst in the hospital they told me I had kidney stones, kidney infection before they did any of those tests and they all came back clear therefore they told me I had IBS although I don't really have issues with bowel movement just this pain everyday therefore I wasn't fully convinced I had that. I do suffer from some bloating and I feel a bit better when I release wind and I have heart burn too. The pain is mainly on the left side under the rib cage but I do have some pain lower down and centre of my abdomen. I am currently off work but the pain isn't going it's getting me down I have gone from being an active person to taking three hours to get out of bed everyday if I get up at all. I feel really down and am worried this isn't IBS as I have pain everyday. I have had some stress over the last 4 years due to a family member however I have felt better about this over the past year so I don't know how this would link to causing my IBS now after all that time. I would be grateful if anyone has any information ie IBS constant pain or any advice to help me stop this pain I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks.

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  • hi there I have similar symptoms as you except I look 9 months pregnant, as soon as I eat I get bloated and pain, had all the tests like you, now gone gluten and lactose free a big improvement but still not great. wishing you well. cannot cheat though

  • Hello sorry to hear that, how are you now? Have you had a colonoscopy? Mine was clear thank god. I am waiting for an MRI scan although doctor saying it is IBS. Having better days now still not 100% but feeling better think i have an overactive bladder now too. Hope your feeling better!!!

  • Hi I have since been diagnosed wit sphincter of oddi dysfunction, look it up and see if you fit, I no longer can eat meat, no cream icecream, very low fat diet. wishing u well, keep in touch.

  • Hi I do feel with you; I've been in awful pain over belly button and all round the abdomen for last 3 months which has intruded on my usual life - not that active but certainly more than now. Yours sounds like it could be trapped wind - can be very painful. Maybe try excluding foods that cause flatulence and cut down on carbs as these ferment and can be troublesome. I'm a great believer in herbs so look at these too - soothing antspasmodic and for wind.

    Good that tests are clear so don't put yourself through any more if I were you.

    Take care.

  • Thank you for your reply! I will definitely try your suggestions. Am having an MRI scan next although doctor thinks its IBS. How are you? Take care

  • I had this pain , was severe internal thrush. It can cause trapped wind and terrible flatulence too. Mine was found through endoscopy. Get your Dr. to give you a medication, flucnonazole , if it goes it was.

  • Hi thanks for reply i will look into this thank you. How are you now?

  • I had relief from pain following low FODMAPs diet. I started reintroducing foods and whammo ! pain. My Problem is constipation. One day at a time. It is a mystery.

  • Thanks for your reply I will try this glad your getting better take care

  • Hi Rach I am fine, have regained most of 2.5 stone I lost, my tachycardia went within a week. pain started to subside within 4 days, sleep not perfect but now get 5-6 hours a night whereas was 2. I have now have had 4 does, 2 initially and 2 more since. Although last time was 5 weeks ago, and it does seem the gap between returning is getting longer. Even if Dr gives them on a trial basis, go for it. It is not a dangerous drug, but most Dr.s are non believers. If it does not work for you then it was not that.

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