Does any body else have constipation followed by diarrhea in the same motion ?

My stools lately consist of a rock hard stool at first which is really hard to pass, followed by very loose stool.

My biggest problem with this is all my life when i have a runny stool i get huge waves of pain, so when i get blocked with the hard stool you can imagine the pain it causes. Can get very scary and recently caused me to call ambulance and go in to A/E for enema. (REALLY NOT NICE)

I am taking laxlose since last year when i had laporoscopy for a blocked small bowel and a cancer scare .

Completely unsure what or what not to eat anymore.

I also have a crumbling spine so i take co-codamol & diclofenic for pain relief on a regular basis.

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  • It sounds to me that the hard stools are caused by the co-codamol you are taking for pain relief. Having recently taken co-codamol myself and being IBS-D prevalent I experienced much the same symptoms. I would suggest using glycerin suppositories or Micralax mini-enemas to break up the hard stool. Oral laxatives will only make the symptoms worse, possibly causing overflow diarrhoea.

  • Would this be safe as i do bleed quite often, and also does this make going out impossible

  • No it's not safe, do not use any sort of laxatives or suppositories if you have bleeding or cramps.

    Try eating an avocado daily, increase your fiber and drink lots of water every day.

    Cut out sugar, caffeine and processed foods. Have fruits and raw veggies and you'll improve 100%.

    Also go easy on dairy, introduce kifer into your diet and load up on pro-biotics.

  • Or try Ducosate which is a stool softener. They gave me that in hospital when I had my knee replacement to counteract the codeine. Try taking them at the same time as the co codamol.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do not advise anyone with bleeding and cramps to take laxatives!

  • I'm currently taking Docusate even though I'm experiencing cramps and piles (bleeding), I'm curious as to why this is dangerous as I was prescribed this by my doctor? Thanks x

  • My bowel movements were like that always for the last 5-6 years. Since being on the Fodmaps diet for the last six months they have gradually become normal again. Why not give it a try if you haven't already?

  • I will look into Fodmaps but there is not much on the list i enjoy, and also i am type 2 diabetic so it really confuses me

  • What diabetic medication do you take? I take metformin which causes me to be constipated the suffer loose stools, i spoke to my gp and he confirms metformin is notorious for causing these issues, it also depletes the body of b12 and magnesium which can cause bad cramping in legs and the body. Talk to your gp about leaving your diabetic meds off for day or two to allow your body to settle. Hope this helps. 

  • Hi at the time i made this post 2 year a go i was on Metformin but no longer, and i have to say i have lost 80% of my bowel pains since, i am know on Dapaglaflorizin which is better but not quite having the same results at keeping down my blood sugars.

    My stools are a little better than back then but as i have now developed AF heart condition i have had to stop diclofenic and now on full dose co- codamol every day so not sure what else i can do especially with all the heart meds on top.

  • Saw a consultant, re possible bowel cancer. He asked if I had taken pain killers. Like you, I had taken co-codamol for my back. Tests were clear. Co-codamol was the problem. My husband has just had back surgery. He knew from watching me, to avoid co-codamol, when possible. He eats peaches and grapes at breakfast, which work for him. Maybe you can try various fruits to help you. Both of us suffer intense back pain if constipated. Am concerned about the diclofenic, as it is an anti inflamatory, for short term use only, as it affects the stomach. Before its side effects were recognised, I took it daily and have had stomach issues ever since. Recently my husband had it prescribed but only for three weeks and his GP stopped his aspirin, to minimise the effect on his stomach, even though his aspirin in enteric coated. Maybe you could talk to your GP about this. Like DTH123, I recommend glycerin suppositories, taken before a build up becomes acute.

  • I have been told the the pain killers are probably the problem, but what else can i take because the spinal pain is unbearable without ?

    I really am in catch 22, and not helped with my benefit being crushed, as i am unable to afford most of the foods the dietitian recomends

  • medical marijuana oil, ingested 2 times a day gradually building to 1/2 a gram daily.

  • Hi stix,

    I too have a spinal problem for which I'm having surgery (a 3-level decompression) at the end of March. Like you, I've been stuck with co-codamol for 3 years now on a daily basis and it took me a long time to get the dosage right so that it didn't cause me to become constipated. I take 1 x 30mg/500mg am and 1 x 15mg/500mg pm which works well enough to keep the back pain bearable and doesn't cause a bowel issue. Is there no surgery or treatment that you can have to relieve your back? Have you tried chiropractic for instance?

    I agree with the others that the best way of dealing with hard stools is to use a glycerol suppository before things get too bad. They're pretty safe and work well - much better than oral laxatives.

    You say you bleed as well which is probably down to anal fissures or haemorrhoids, but these can both be treated.

    I also think sashapet is absolutely right to suggest FODMAPs, it works so well for so many people. It isn't a diet-for-life, it's just to enable you to get to the root of your food triggers, so you only have to do the diet in its entirety for a few weeks. I understand that having Type 2 compounds your problem with this regime, but it has to be worth the effort of buckling down and giving it a go.

    Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian who's trained in FODMAPs - not all of them are.


  • I have 3 prolapsed discs lower 2/3/4/ and the vertebrae have crumbled along with ostio arthritis, basically he said i have the spine of a 90 year old man, and surgery is way to risky unless it collapses completely.

    I have been taking co-codamol 30/500 x1 and one diclofenic for the past 4 years trying not to take 3 x a day but when pain is bad have little choice, prior to that it was 2 x co-codamol 30/500 3 x a day.

    I will take the advice given today its all been very helpful, really does help knowing your not alone

  • I was having the problem of hard stools which were very difficult to pass (I have IBS-C), as a result I also had rectal bleeding. My GP gave me suppositories whilst I was waiting to be referred to a gastroenterologist. The suppositories were fantastic and made motions a lot easier, plus the bleeding ceased, I was also suffering from back and abdominal pain, I tried aspirin and ibuprofen which did no good at all, was considering co-codomol, but reading your post I am glad I didn't. My consultant has prescribed Movical for my chronic constipation/impaction, I said the suppositories had helped but he refused to prescribe any more, saying I couldn't use them all the time. The back and abdominal pain is gradually improving, I tried to reduce the amount of laxatives I was taking, but have had to revert to the higher dosage again. The idea of using laxatives long-term bothers me, but without them the pain plus having to go to the toilet for half an hour at a time for six or seven times every day was making me miserable. I really hope you find a solution that improve your symptoms :)

  • You can buy glycerine suppositories OTC, Boots have their own brand.

  • I didn't realise that! Thank you so much RozB :)

  • Glycerin suppositories are now also available OTC in 99p Store, Savers, Superdrug and Sainsburys.....lower prices than Boots!

  • I get constipation followed by diahorrea but I only take paracetamol occasionally no other pain killers at all. Is there anything else that can cause this?

  • OMG .... You poor thing. I have nothing to offer in the way of advice but hope you find a way to sort it out.x

  • Before going to bed drink 2 glasses of water. When you wake up, drink 2 glasses of luke warn water. In about 30 minutes you wilk have a good bowel movement. No need ant medication,

    P S. Ensure you have enough in your meals.

  • High all that have replied and thanks for your help.

    I have now been diagnosed with a condition to add to my troubles, basically my pancreas has given up producing enzymes so not breaking my food down, and not taking any goodness from anything I eat, so know on Creon enzyme replacement with all foods for the rest of my life.

    Started 3 weeks a go but still having trouble passing stools, so frustrating as I was hoping it might fix the problem, but so far just ruining my appetite.

    Also been diagnosed with Chronic Lukemia so not sure what to do next, other than see a shrink to keep my sanity

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