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Mild pains deep inside my rectum

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Hi everyone! Am new here..... I have been having a mild pain deep inside my anus for the pass 3 months.... Besides that , I have mucus in the stool , stool is very hard, difficult to come out and when it finally comes its usually small. All this started when I suspected an STI last year in (2019) May, I was give a lot of antibiotics including iv cef.... After that I had chest pains......! Went In for a urethral swap ,I was told I had staphylococcus which was positive to cefuroxime I took the drug and chest pain stopped but dull rectal pain still present with the mucus ......Am really worried... ! Has any one here experience it b4? Any suggestion or recommdation will be much appreciated ...

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I would return to my GP, and let them know that I am still suffering. If after 10 months the mucus hasn't rescinded, then I would ask for a referral to a Gastro-intestinal consultant or a gastroenterologist, for further examinations. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Gy90 in reply to FRreedman

Is that a reply to my concern?

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FRreedman in reply to Gy90

Oops, sorry, no it was a reply meant for someone else. I have just read through your post, and I haven't got a clue about your problem. Sorry.

Do you get any bloating or pain in tummy

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Gy90 in reply to Poppi2015

No please

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Nina1983 in reply to Gy90

I started getting white mucus since october.. on and off blood. No pain etc.. stool and bloods normal

Am at a loss to why?

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Sorry is your mucus clear or white

Have you had a colonoscopy?? This would be done by a Gastrointerologist. I had one and an endoscopy. They said I had gastritis. I had chest pains and mucus in stool tool. Still was feeling awful and losing too much weight.

My suggestion is to also check for parasites. For this you will see an infectious disease doctor. I have Graves Disease and terrible gut issues. Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy all normal except gastritis. Went to a Infectious disease doc and found a common parasite. 90% of people have it and no symptoms. CDC says 1/3 of US has it and most don’t know it. Worth a check. Read it can cause thyroid problems and whole host of diseases and gut issues!!

Went to a doctor people fly in from all over the world to see in NYC because they to go around from doctor to doctor looking for answers after a colonoscopy and endoscopy come back negative but still have stomach issues and other pains. He tests with using an old school sigmoidscope and gives you results in 24 hours. He does this test himself. Doctor said most labs miss the results because the parasites die before they get to the lab. These parasites can cause other diseases if not treated and live in you for years. some people live with no symptoms at all. I’ve read autoimmune diseases and parasites can be related.

My gastro dismissed me having a parasite. He was wrong. I went to 2 dozen specialists before my OBGYN recommended a brilliant infectious doctor because I was reading up on parasites. You can get it from infected food or water. Especially if you travel a lot (they say).

Hope you get help and find relief!

Best of luck!

Some websites for your review!

Patients experiences:

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Gy90 in reply to Kim327

Thanks a lot ! I appreciate ur response! But were u given any medication

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Kim327 in reply to Gy90

Yes! 2 different meds.

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Ares5 in reply to Kim327

Did you have a Parassite or not ??

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're struggling. We recommend speaking to your GP about your concerns.

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